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The Smutlancers: Writing about sex and getting paid to do it

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Book Review: Rework

In this month’s book review, Chase reviews Rework, written by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, founders of Basecamp. He shares several takeaways from the book that may help Smutlancers as you build your business and create your content.

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Erotica Submission Opportunities | March 2021

Want to get your erotica published — online, in a book, or as an audio story? Check out the March 2021 list of submission opportunities. Some have specific deadlines, while others are available on an ongoing basis.

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Smutlancer Revenue Report: February 2021

For the second month, I’m sharing revenue earned rather than income generated. The numbers were lower compared to January but still something to be proud of. Curious about the money side of things? Check out my revenue report.


Book Review: Thanks for the Feedback

Let’s face it — feedback, in the form of direct criticism, subtle jabs, and random comments on the internet are all part of the smutlancer life. Chase Tramel (he/him), resident Smutlancer book reviewer and avid reader, reviews Thanks for the Feedback, a book designed to help us all get better at both giving feedback and more importantly, taking it.