The Smutlancers: Writing about sex and getting paid to do it


Smutlancer Spotlight: Amy Norton

Our final Smutlancer Spotlight is with none other than Amy Norton of Coffee and Kink! During Chelsea’s interview, they talked about the importance of having a supportive partner, the time a client waited eight months to pay her & how grateful she is for the smutlancer community. Check it out!

November 2021 Smutlancer Revenue Report 1

Smutlancer Revenue Report: November 2021

November felt busier than the numbers suggest but I’m also finding that product-based businesses don’t just take more money and space (for inventory). They also take a lot more time. Unlike writing an article – granted there’s research, writing, and editing time – product-based businesses need time for making the product, promoting the product, and packing/shipping. Content creation just isn’t the same, in terms of time, at all. And yet, I love it, and I can’t wait to do more of it. Kayla Lords, Sex Writer My freelance work is picking up in a manageable way. Inquiries have slowed down...

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Erotica Submission Opportunities | December 2021

Trying to make money as an erotic author? Calliope (they/them) puts together a list of different submission opportunities each month — some with deadlines and others that are always looking for new stories. Take a look at the round-up for December 2021!


Smutlancer Spotlight: Violet Fawkes

This month, Chelsea interviewed Violet Fawkes, a freelance writer and sex blogger focusing on pleasure education, erotic fiction, and the intersection of identity, kink, and mental health. They talked about how she started writing about sex, the legacy she wants to leave behind, an outrageous interaction with a potential client, and more.

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Fun With Search Terms: How to Target Relevant Google Searches on Your Sex Blog

One of the simplest and yet most effective ways to increase traffic to your sex blog is to understand the search terms people are using to find you. By understanding what your audience is looking for, you can effectively give your readers what they want. This means more clicks, more loyal fans, and if you’re monetizing your blog, more income. I am starting this post with the assumption that you already understand the basics of Google Search Console and have it set up for your blog. If you don’t, here’s a useful guide to help you get started. Once you’ve...

smutlancer revenue report for October 2021 1

Smutlancer Revenue Report: October 2021

October was a busy month in many ways. A lot going on in my personal life, some big decisions being made, new projects starting (that aren’t related to sex or kink), and a definite increase in our revenue. Overall, it was a good month, and while I might be impatient to get back to previous income levels, I won’t complain about what was accomplished this month, either. Take a look. Kayla Lords, Sex Writer My freelance work is picking up in a manageable way. I’m receiving more inquiries but am also being very picky about what I agree to do....

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Smutlancer Spotlight: Nikki of Love is a Fetish

Nikki (she/her) is a photographer, writer, designer, and general creator of art (digital and physical). She lives on the beach in Mexico with her husband and youngest child, where she loves to garden, cook and take lots of photos. She’s also an advocate for radical self-love, sex positivity, and mental health care.