Author: Chelsea A. Hamlet


Smutlancer Spotlight: Amy Norton

Our final Smutlancer Spotlight is with none other than Amy Norton of Coffee and Kink! During Chelsea’s interview, they talked about the importance of having a supportive partner, the time a client waited eight months to pay her & how grateful she is for the smutlancer community. Check it out!


Smutlancer Spotlight: Violet Fawkes

This month, Chelsea interviewed Violet Fawkes, a freelance writer and sex blogger focusing on pleasure education, erotic fiction, and the intersection of identity, kink, and mental health. They talked about how she started writing about sex, the legacy she wants to leave behind, an outrageous interaction with a potential client, and more.

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Smutlancer Spotlight: Nikki of Love is a Fetish

Nikki (she/her) is a photographer, writer, designer, and general creator of art (digital and physical). She lives on the beach in Mexico with her husband and youngest child, where she loves to garden, cook and take lots of photos. She’s also an advocate for radical self-love, sex positivity, and mental health care.

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Smutlancer Spotlight: John Brownstone

Editor’s note: This month’s spotlight is an interview with my husband and business partner, John Brownstone. I didn’t know Chelsea planned to interview him (as she has a lot of freedom in what she writes and who she interviews) but I am enormously proud of him and love seeing him featured as a smutlancer. That being said, I figured I’d point out the obvious bias I have towards him as a human, let alone as an interviewee. ~KL Did your state or city’s health department provide a guide on safe sex when the nation was first ordered to quarantine? Well,...


Smutlancer Spotlight: Quinn Rhodes

This month the Smutlancer Spotlight focuses on none other than the uniquely talented writer and activist Quinn Rhodes (he/him). The interview includes discussion about trans-inclusivity, mental health, disability, and how it informs his smutlancing journey. Check it out!

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Smutlancer Spotlight: Orpheus Black

This month, Chelsea Hamlet (she/her) interviewed none other than Orpheus Black (he/him). It was so jam-packed, we have a full video version so you can get all the gems we couldn’t fit in the article. Orpheus has been in the pleasure industry for over 20 years. He combines Buddhism with BDSM AND is openly poly. Check out our interview where we talk about his journey, spirituality, and much more.

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Smutlancer Spotlight: Ashley Cobb

Ashley Cobb, “your favorite friend in filth”, is a sexpert, leader, and influencer known for her fun, down to earth and practical commentary that’s been featured in top media outlets to include Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, Self Magazine, Women’s Health, Black Love Doc, Shape, and many more.  She’s also the sex advice columnist for Madame Noire.