Smutlancer Profiles

Being a smutlancer takes so many forms. From maintaining a sex blog to educating fellow smutlancers, we’re bringing you the stories of Smutlancers who create content about sex and get paid to do it. Each Smutlancer Profile will introduce you to a professional building and maintaining a career centered around sex. We ask them what they do, and how they do it, plus a bunch of other questions. Be inspired and learn!

Smutlancer Spotlight: Amy Norton

Our final Smutlancer Spotlight is with none other than Amy Norton of Coffee and Kink! During Chelsea’s interview, they talked […]

Smutlancer Spotlight: Violet Fawkes

This month, Chelsea interviewed Violet Fawkes, a freelance writer and sex blogger focusing on pleasure education, erotic fiction, and the […]

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Smutlancer Spotlight: John Brownstone

Editor’s note: This month’s spotlight is an interview with my husband and business partner, John Brownstone. I didn’t know Chelsea […]

Smutlancer Spotlight: Quinn Rhodes

This month the Smutlancer Spotlight focuses on none other than the uniquely talented writer and activist Quinn Rhodes (he/him). The […]

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Smutlancer Spotlight: Orpheus Black

This month, Chelsea Hamlet (she/her) interviewed none other than Orpheus Black (he/him). It was so jam-packed, we have a full […]

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Smutlancer Spotlight: Ashley Cobb

Ashley Cobb, “your favorite friend in filth”, is a sexpert, leader, and influencer known for her fun, down to earth […]

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Smutlancer Spotlight: Seshata Rose

April’s Smutlancer Spotlight features the sensual pleasure activist Seshata Rose (she/her). Chelsea talks to her about her journey, who inspires […]