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Show notes and episode information for The Smutlancer Podcast. It’s a show about the life of a smutlancer, what it takes to build an audience, and all the things we think and worry about.

Deciding If It’s Time to Quit Your Day Job

episode 41 discusses deciding if it's time to quit your day job

This week’s topic was inspired by a conversation I recently had with Amy Norton of Coffee and Kink. How do you know when it’s the right time to quit your day job and become a full time smutlancer? I wish there was an easy answer, but life is never that simple. This is a really…

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Finding Your Own Path

episode of 40 of the smutlancer podcast talks about finding your path as a creative person

In this week’s episode, I want to encourage everyone to stop worrying about what “everyone” does or that “no one” does the thing you want to try. As a freelancer, a sex blogger, a creative person of any kind, the best thing we can ever do is find and follow our own path. Even if…

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Being Thankful as a Smutlancer and Sex Blogger

episode 39 of the Smutlancer podcast is about being thankful as a smutlancer and sex blogger

Thanksgiving is nearly here for the U.S., and it’s a time when many of us start thinking about what we’re thankful for. While there are a lot of legitimate challenges and dumpster fires in the world, there are things we can be grateful for, too. If we don’t hold onto the bright spots where we…

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When You Feel Like Quitting

episode 38 of the Smutlancer podcast discusses feeling like you want to quit on all your goals

In episode 38, I discuss that moment when you’re so overwhelmed that you feel like quitting on all your smutlancing goals. It happened to me quite recently, and I think I figured out a good process to use to deal with it. If you’ve felt that way, you’re not alone, and I don’t think we…

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Getting Paid as a Smutlancer

episode 37 of the Smutlancer podcast discusses getting paid

We spend a lot of time, as smutlancers, saying that we should be paid for our work, and that’s completely true. But once you’ve secured the agreement for payment, there’s still a lot of work to be done — and a lot of ways where things can go wrong. Deserving payment is one thing, but…

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Feedback, Advice, and Helping Each Other Out

episode 36 of the Smutlancer podcast discusses giving and receiving feedback, criticism, and unsolicited ideas

I’ve benefited greatly from the feedback of my audience, the advice of other bloggers, and simply being told about things I might not have seen otherwise. While a lot of “advice” has to be taken with a grain of salt, some feedback and offers to share thoughts and ideas really can help us all. The…

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Smutlancers and Mental Health

episode 35 of the Smutlancer podcast discusses mental health as a smutlancer

In this week’s episode, let’s start talking about a big and important topic — mental health, smutlancing, and trying to make the two work together. I’m not an expert, and I don’t know what you should do, but I feel like I’ve learned a few truths about my own mental health. And how to still…

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Why Both Patience and the Hustle and Grind are Important

episode 34 of the Smutlancer podcast discusses the importance of both patience and the hustle and grind

Some people will tell you to be patient as you work towards your smutlancing goals. Others will say you need to hustle and grind. After much listening, learning, and thinking, I believe you need both. Let’s talk about it. In this episode: This week’s episode is brought to you by QuickBooks Self Employed Hustle and…

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Thinking About Self-Promotion More Strategically SL033

episode 33 of the smutlancer podcast discusses self-promotion strategy for sex bloggers

This week, I’m talking about different ways sex bloggers can get in front of new audiences (that they don’t always take) and ways to think of self-promotion in a more strategic way. And why that’s a good thing for your sex blog and your smutlancing goals. In this episode: This week’s episode is brought to…

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All About Eroticon: An Interview with Molly Moore

episode 32 of the Smutlancer podcast is an interview with Eroticon organizer and dear friend Molly Moore

I’m back from my hiatus and happy to be podcasting again! For the first episode of October, let’s go big! In episode 32, I talk to my dear friend Molly Moore, who is also one of the organizers of Eroticon. If you don’t know, Eroticon is a conference for sex writers, bloggers, erotic authors, and…

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