Author: Kayla Lords

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Facing a Few Fears and Realities

I honestly didn’t (and still don’t) know what to call this week’s episode. Instead of the topic I planned, I took you into my thought process, a few fears, a couple of realization, and no clear resolution. So….life, basically. When forced to face a smutlancing fear, I figured a few things out. Not that I know quite what to do with that information.

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Smutlancers Q&A: October 2020 Mailbag

Smutlancers ask some of the best questions, and we love answering them! This month, we answer questions about estimating your time, taking sexy pictures, remaining professional when a brand disappoints you, invoicing, and more!

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What are Obscene Ideas and 31 Days of Erotic Fiction

Molly and I launched Obscene Ideas, our newest business venture on October 5, 2020. You can listen to our podcast episode here to hear us talk about it. For those who prefer to read or anyone who got lost in the chaos of that episode (there was more than our usual share of asides, memory lapses (my bad!), and squeals/giggles of delight), I’m breaking down what Obscene Ideas and 31 Days of Erotic Fiction are and how we made it a reality.

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Revealing Our Fever Dream: Obscene Ideas

We’re finally ready to reveal our fever dream to the world and share our newest project with everyone: Obscene Ideas. Not only are we telling you what it is, but we’re talking about how we made it happen — the people we worked with, the resources we used, and the way we approached the entire project.

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Smutlancer Monthly Income Report: September 2020

I feel like I just did this report the other day, and technically I did. Because I was late with the August report, lol. I don’t expect dramatic differences between this month and next, but we shall see. That’s why I track because I can’t rely on my memory or my impression of my income. I need the hard numbers in front of me to know for sure.



“The womxn-led team that brought you the world’s first Smart Vibrator is looking for content writers!” URL: Payment: TBD, up to .20 cents per word for traditional blog content and up to $400 for well-articulated, data-centric content. Submission Info: Lioness is more than just a vibrator; it’s a biofeedback device. We’re looking for content writers who are interested in providing our Pride with information on how to improve their health and wellness, as well as their sex lives. We are looking for writers who are interested in one (or both) types of topics: Sex 201: Well-articulated, SEO-friendly content that...

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A Conversation with Victoria Blisse

In our episode on the Smutlancers rebrand, we told you we planned to feature more interviews between Molly and our fellow smutlancers! This week, she talks to Victoria Blisse (she/her) about her smutlancing career that spans several years — longer than you might realize!

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Should You Make Your Sex Blog Multilingual?

Multilingual sex blogging offers great benefits but can you face the extra workload? In this article, I will explore the challenges of multilingual content, as well as how to approach it if you are alone or in a very small team. What benefits are there to multilingual sex blogging? Extra traffic Working with foreign businesses Collaborating with foreign sex bloggers Culture exchange and discovery Working in additional languages means you can do business with more companies. It will also expand your choice of affiliation programs. If you sell products or services, you can gain a new audience. For me, foreign...

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Dealing With That Thing You Really Don’t Want to Do

We’ve talked about procrastination in the past, and I’ve mentioned that when you feel it, there’s a reason for it. Sometimes it’s because you have to do a thing you don’t want to do — but you have to do it anyway. Or maybe you don’t. That’s what I’m talking about in this week’s podcast episode!

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Why You Should Consider Public Speaking as a Smutlancer

Public speaking takes many forms, and it can help your smutlancing career goals. As Veronica Bly, explains it doesn’t have to be too scary, either. She shares the benefits of public speaking and how to overcome your fear of it with help from your persona.