Author: Kayla Lords

episode 85 of the Smutlancers podcast hosted by Kayla Lords talking about growing on patreon 0

Growing on Patreon

It can be a struggle to find the sweet spot of enough patrons to make a difference in your income while also offering the right benefits/perks to entice people to pledge. I don’t have all the answers, but in this episode, I share what I’ve learned over the years about using Patreon. 

episode 84 of the Smutlancers podcast is the march 2020 mailbag answering smutlancer questions 0

Smutlancers Q&A: March 2020 Mailbag

In this month’s mailbag/Q&A episode, we answer questions from other smutlancers on consistency, time management, lead magnets, and more! In this episode: Get answers to questions faster — and from an entire community —...

episode 83 of the Smutlancers podcast discussing how to deal with shitty comments 0

Dealing with Shitty Comments

When you put yourself out into the online world, shitty comments (sadly) will happen. Should they? Of course not. But will they? Eventually. So how do you deal with it? What do you do?...

episode 82 of the Smutlancers podcast hosted by Molly Moore 0

All About Your About Me Page

This week Molly talks about “about me” pages – why you need one and what it should be like. You have spent hours working on SEO and getting people to your site. Now how do you keep them there and give them the best experience possible when they are there. About me pages are a key part of doing both those things.

Handling Criticism From Your Audience 4

Handling Criticism From Your Audience

I’m not sure today’s post offers any solutions or advice. It’s more of a thought exercise. There likely isn’t a single right answer (there usually isn’t). That being said, I’m going to share a...