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10 Planners That Smutlancers Love

In a recent group call in the Smutlancers community, we talked about goal setting and planning, both in general and specific to 2021. During the discussion, everyone had something to say about our planners and planning systems for this year. We asked members of the community to share the planner(s) they love and use, whether this year or in the past. If you’re still trying to figure out which one to use for 2021, hopefully, this list gives you a few options to explore. My PA Planner Both Molly and I are using My PA Planner this year. I used...

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Looking Back to Help Plan Future Goals

In this week’s episode, the last of 2020, we talk about looking back on what you did (or didn’t) accomplish for the year to help you set your goals for the upcoming year.

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Smutlancer Monthly Income and Revenue Report: November 2020

November was a good month in terms of income, revenue, and my smutlancing life. As we’re barreling towards the end of 2020 (which makes me think both, “Oh thank fucking gawd!” and “HOW?!”), a lot of plans are being made for what 2021 will look like. That’s reflected in my expenses more than anything, but there are plenty of plans that don’t involve spending (yet). Let’s jump into because there’s a lot here. November 2020 Income *A change I’ve made to this income report is to remove (or not include) income I’m not personally putting in my bank account even...

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Quick Update: Podcast Schedule Change

Nothing much going on in this episode other than a small podcast schedule change for the rest of 2020. Hopefully by the December episode, we’ll be able to tell you what the podcast will look like in 2021, but we’re still figuring that out.

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How to Expand Your Erotic Fiction Writing

Writing erotic fiction is fun but it is a limited field. Some authors can and do make a living from their fiction alone but if you’re not one of them, don’t despair! There are lots of us who diversify our writing portfolio to bring in the cash. How do you do it though? Here are some suggestions based on my real-life experience of going from Victoria Blisse erotica author to the queen of smut. 

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Smutlancer Monthly Income Report: October 2020

Get your chart geek on in what we should call the transparency report. Not only am I sharing my income and expenses as a Smutlancer (as usual), with the permission of my business partners, I’m also sharing gross totals from each revenue stream I’m a part of, with a pie chart!

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Managing Multiple Social Media Accounts

We’ve been asked a few times, “How do I handle multiple Twitter accounts?” And our response is, “We wish we knew!” That’s because, we feel like we struggle with the balance of personal social media, professional social media, and social media management on behalf of clients. That being said, we have come up with strategies, tools, and methods to do the best we can.

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When Your Website is Hacked

We hope it never happens to anyone, but we also know it can happen to anyone — your sex blog gets hacked. What do you do now? How do you prevent it from happening? That’s what Michael and Molly are talking about this week on the podcast!