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Do you write about sex? Do you want to get paid to do it?
You’re a smutlancer!

What kind of smutlancer are you?

Sex Blogger/Sex Toy Reviewer

Write about your sex life, share your fantasies, review sex toys and other products? 

Erotic Author

From short stories to novellas to epic novels, you want to build an audience and a career as an erotic author.


You want the freelance life but make it sex content. From pitched ideas to steady client work, you’re here to build a career creating content for others.

About Smutlancers


We help adult content creators build audiences, stay motivated, achieve their goals, and turn their smutlancing goals into reality.


The Smutlancers is a collaboration between Kayla Lords and Molly Moore, two long-time sex bloggers and smutlancers. We’ve learned a few things about smutlancing (the hard way) and we want to share what we know with you!

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All the business talk you read or hear will tell you to network, network, network. If you picture uncomfortable small talk with strangers and plenty of awkward silences, you’re not alone. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We created the Smutlancers Community as a way to bring smutlancers at all levels together. To ask questions, find support, and remember that you’re not alone. Along the way, members form friendships, share tips, and build professional connections.

We keep the content here at The Smutlancers free and available for all who need it. But if you’re ready to invest in your smutlancing future and network in a way that doesn’t suck (and actually helps!), join the Smutlancers Community!

The Smutlancers gave me the leg up I needed to start the blog I'd been longing to write for years. Kayla, Molly, and the community have answered essential questions that I wouldn't have even known to ask. Whether you need tips on hosting a site, a partner to edit your stuff, someone to keep you accountable, or just the knowledge that you're not alone, you should join us.

— Veronica Bly

The Smutlancers Blog

Check out the Smutlancers blog written by Kayla, Molly, and other smutlancers just like you! Want to write for The Smutlancers? Pitch us!

How Often Should You Promote Old Content?

Ready to promote your back catalog on social media? You may have a few questions about it, namely: how much is too much? Girl on the Net has some tips, information, and how-tos, to help you figure out the best answer for you and your blog.

blog banner for smutlancer revenue report for September 2021

Smutlancer Revenue Report: September 2021

Every month, Kayla Lords (she/her) peels back the curtains on her own bookkeeping to share her revenue wins and losses. The smutlancer life is one of ups and downs, and September isn’t as good as it once was, but it’s better than it has been.

blog banner for John Brownstone in Smutlancer Spotlight

Smutlancer Spotlight: John Brownstone

Editor’s note: This month’s spotlight is an interview with my husband and business partner, John Brownstone. I didn’t know Chelsea planned to interview him (as she has a lot of freedom in what she writes and who she interviews) but I am enormously proud of him and love seeing him featured as a smutlancer. That being said, I figured I’d point out the obvious bias I have towards him as a human, let alone as an interviewee. ~KL Did your state or city’s health department provide a guide on safe sex when the nation was first ordered to quarantine? Well,...