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You’re here and you might be asking yourself, “What’s a smutlancer?” Or maybe you already know, and you’re wondering, “How do I become a smutlancer?”

If you start clicking around, you’ll find a lot of information to help you answer those questions and much more.

To avoid aimless clicking, needless frustration, and rabbit-holes of information that don’t answer your questions (yet), start here to get to where you want to go. Each page offers information and content to help you succeed.

About the Smutlancer: What even is a smutlancer? We do our best to answer that here. Hint: It’s a made-up word so (technically) it can mean whatever you want it to mean.

What kind of Smutlancer are you?

Most of us do multiple things, but to help you find a starting point, we’ve broken it down into three categories. To jump right in where you’re most curious or need the most help, choose one of these options:

Sex Bloggers and Sex Toy Reviewers

Freelancing Smutlancers

Erotic Authors

What kind of Smutlancer help do you need most?

As smutlancers, we all have more in common than we realize. Many of us struggle with productivity, focus, and taking care of ourselves. And most of us are constantly asking, “How can I earn money doing this?” Below, you’ll find quick links to get you started on these burning topics. Regardless of what kind of smutlancer you might be.

How to Make Money as a Smutlancer: If this is the burning question on your mind, start on this page. You’ll find links to how to set up multiple revenue streams, how to price yourself, and more.

Smutlancer Productivity: I haven’t met a smutlancer (new or experienced) who didn’t have big dream and goals. To achieve all those plans, you need to be productive and use your time wisely. If you’re struggling with this, check out the information linked here and make a plan to become more productive.

Smutlancer Self Care: Working for yourself can be stressful enough. Now add in any chronic conditions, a busy life, and even a full-time job. In order to succeed, you’ve got to take care of yourself. This page is a good place to begin.

Ask the Smutlancer: Even with all the content you’ll find on this site, there’s a good chance you may have a question. Feel free to submit your question. The answer will appear as a blog post or podcast episode, so you and your fellow smutlancers get the answers you need!

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