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Turning Your Blog Into a Book

This month’s contributor to The Smutlancer is Rachael Kaye known best as Wriggly Kitty. She shares how she turned her blog into a book! If you’re a freelance writer, fiction author or blogger, chances are that you’ll have lots of words along a particular theme that could be working harder for you. Whether it’s returned rights, rejected submissions, or popular content, as long as you have the legal right to repurpose your work, turning it into an eBook or print could earn you extra money. Self-publishing is popular and for good reason. It’s got a low initial overhead and if...

copywriting as a way to make money

How to Make Money: Copywriting

Several weeks (months?) ago, I began a series called How to Make Money where we discuss different money-making opportunities. What I’ve covered so far isn’t close to everything, but I got distracted by bright, shiny objects and wandered off to talk about other things. Now I’m back with a single topic that encompasses multiple ways to make money as a writer: copywriting. What is Copywriting? The simple definition of copywriting is that it’s the content you write to sell something. The flyer you get in the mail from a car dealership and the script used in a commercial are two...

fiction writing as a way to make money

How to Make Money: Fiction Writing

I’m not going to tell you or anyone else how to write fiction. As a some-time erotic writer, I know we all have our own methods and styles. A lot of people can write, but not a lot of people can make money at it. In our ongoing series on how to make money, let’s talk about fiction writing in all its forms. On Your Blog The sexy smut on your blog can, eventually, earn money. Like any other kind of blogging, it takes time and effort to build an audience. Once you do, you can leverage that audience into...

post about making money as a social media influencer

How to Make Money: Social Media Influencer

To be honest, being paid as a social media influencer isn’t something I seek out. I’ve done it once, and only because it fell into my lap. I developed a good working relationship with a sex toy company who recommended me to an ecommerce company who was promoting a sex toy I’d reviewed. Confused yet? They needed someone with a known affinity for the product to post a few things on social media. I got asked, and they liked my price enough to pay it. In the ongoing series of “How to Make Money” let’s talk about getting paid as...

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How to Make Money Writing: Ghostwriting

In our ongoing series on ways to actually make money as a sex writer, one that doesn’t get a lot of attention but can lead to plenty of business is ghostwriting. When you’re used to always putting your name on your work, it can feel a little odd. But once you become known as someone who offers that service, ghostwriting can also be a great way to make money as a sex writer. What is Ghostwriting? Ghostwriting is much more common than you may realize. It’s a simple enough concept. One person writes the content, and another person (or company)...

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How to Make Money: Pitching Publications

While publishing books, sponsored posts, and affiliate sales are popular ways for many sex writers and bloggers to make money, one of the most sought after options is to pitching another publication. For many of us (myself included), this marks the moment we become a “real” writer. In case you wondered, if you write anything anywhere prior to this moment, you’re definitely a real writer. But that goal sits out there for many of us. Having a pitch accepted by another publication validates some of us in ways that writing for ourselves doesn’t. The question, though, is how to take...

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How to Make Money: Affiliate Sales

Affiliate sales seem like the easiest way to make money on a blog. Find a company who sells sex toys, sign up as an affiliate, and put that link almost everywhere. Sit back and watch the money just roooooooll in. Right? Not quite. Like everything else we do in the world of writing, blogging, and creating content, very little is as easy as it seems. I can’t speak for other bloggers with affiliate partnerships, but I know what’s worked and hasn’t worked for me. My affiliate sales aren’t enough to pay the mortgage but the income is steadily increasing. In...

adult writers make money with sponsored posts

How to Make Money: Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts should only be one item in your money-making list, but it’s one of the best ones (in my opinion). Depending on how you set it up, you’re literally getting paid to blog. That’s the dream, right? It’s not something the average sex blogger can rely on to pay their rent or mortgage but it’s certainly an income stream that can help you keep your website running. In a new series called “How to Make Money,” let’s focus on sponsored posts. What is a Sponsored Post? A sponsored post is content that an adult company pays you to publish...