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Book Reviews: Storybrand and Marketing Made Simple

Chase Tramel (he/him) almost didn’t read Building a Storybrand or Marketing Made Simple, but as most readers know, one book leads to another, leads to another. Now he’s sharing what he thought of these books as they relate to smutlancing.

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Book Review: Start Finishing

This post contains affiliate links. This means if you click and make a purchase, we make a small commission. The money we make here helps pay our writers and supports Kayla’s need for coffee. Starting projects can be relatively easy. I probably have at least five projects on the back burner right now, shoved into the metaphorical or physical closet. I’ve used several methodologies for project management, from as simple as an ongoing to-do list to as complex as Scrum, which is quite popular in the tech world. Not much stuck until I started reading and integrating ideas from Start...


Finding Your (Brand) Voice as a Smutlancer

Every time you hit publish online, you use a voice. The language you use in the caption of your sexy lingerie picture is your voice, as is every piece of content on your blog. As a smutlancer, your voice is now a brand voice. Intentionally planning your brand voice can help you plan social media, describe your projects to potential partners, and work with other creators.

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Book Review: Business Model You

Contributor Chase Tramel reviews Business Model You, a book written for people who want to own their own business or work for themselves to figure out what they want their business to be and who they want to be as a business owner.

Creating Personas for Adult Brands 0

Creating Personas for Adult Brands

There are two extremes when it comes to content creation: Not being able to think of any ideas for posts or having too many ideas that are difficult to choose between. Either of these situations can cause you to freeze up, and then become stagnant. Kayla has written on creating post content ideas before, but if this is a chronic problem for you, personas can be very useful. What is a Persona? Personas are essentially characters that represent an example reader. Bloggers, marketers, user experience researchers, and more use them to connect specific audience information to a name and a...