Small Victories That Keep You Writing by Mr. Oh

guest blog post by Mr Oh about celebrating small victories

My name is Mr Oh – Making Repetitive Originality Happen – and I’m one of those writer, author type people who likes to write books in his spare time. I’ve been doing it for a long time, 17 years in fact. And in that time, I’ve managed to write and release 11 individual projects that…

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Ask the Smutlancer: One Thing a New Writer Needs to Know

one piece advice for a new writer

Well, hell, someone actually decided to Ask the Smutlancer! (You can, too, by the way.) The question came in, and it still has me stumped. Since I do my best thinking by typing, I guess the answer will be a surprise for all of us. The Question NortyNinja asks… If you were to offer one…

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Rekindling the Smut Marathon

Smut Marathon logo - Rekindling Smut Marathon

Marie Rebelle is a blogger I’ve followed for years and someone who I’ve tried to emulate in many ways. I may not be able to participate in her latest project in 2018 but I am a huge supporter of it and a big ole cheerleader (imagine pom poms and lots of jumping up and down).…

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e[lust] 101

elust 101 shared for share our shit saturday or soss

No articles from The Smutlancer appear in this month’s e[lust] but that doesn’t mean I can’t share it. (Full disclosure: A blog post I wrote on does appear here.) Even when you’re not directly connected to good content, share it anyway. It spreads the love, the cheer, and the smut.  And I highly encourage…

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Spreading Smutty Love for #SOSS: Volume 2

share our shit saturday volume 2

Back for another week of spreading smutty love – all in the hopes of helping you as a smutlancer. This week, some of what I’ve found speaks to the why and how of what we do. And the rest? Well, that focuses on the problems we face trying to create sexual content. Censorship by Default…

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Do You Really Have to Write Every Single Day?

write every day or write when you can - which is better

Pick a writer’s resource, any resource. Someone (or several someones) will tell you to write every single day. Set a time. Never miss it. If you do, you might as well quit now. Fuck. That. Shit. In the time I’ve spent with and around sex bloggers and writers, I know how easily we beat ourselves…

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Spreading Smutty Love for #SOSS – Volume 1

spreading smutty love volume 1

In the world of writing or creating any content about sex, a few things are true… We won’t all agree on what’s sexy or good. It’s a small community so it pays to be kind to each other. The big platforms love our ability to create connection and activity but hate admitting sex and smut…

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Writing About All the Sex: Smut vs. Sex Education

smut writing and sex education

Can you write smut and sex education pieces? I’ll give away the answer to the question…yes, you can. Okay, we’re done here, right? Problem solved! Well, not quite. Choosing to write only erotic fiction or some form of non-fiction is one thing. Believing you can’t (or shouldn’t) is quite another. As someone who routinely does both,…

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What To Do When You Run Out of Writing Ideas

ideas to help writers who don't know what to write about

I’m going to admit something right here and now so everyone knows it. No holding back. No hiding the truth. Sometimes I have don’t have a clue what I want to write about. I need to pitch publications so I can earn money, but I come up blank. Panic sets in. What if I never…

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4 Questions to Ask Before You Write for Free

post about creating free content for erotica publications

I talked to a writer/editor friend of mine recently about the next, hot, new website where you can publish your erotica writing and attract more readers and (hopefully) book sales. She wanted my opinion and I gave it to her. (Is anyone shocked by that?) The paraphrased version of what I told her goes like…

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