The Smutlancers: Writing about sex and getting paid to do it

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Everything is a Process

We almost never have an idea on Monday and reveal a fully fleshed out reality by Friday. It takes time and patience. Along the way, we need to recognize progress and successes as they occur, even if they don’t match the finished picture we have in our heads.

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Writing Through Anxiety

Anxiety has become a close friend for a lot of people, making functioning nearly impossible. Creatives have the added pleasure of struggling with a craft that can be equal parts rewarding and frustrating. When you’re already neuro-divergent, living with any disorder that alters your brain’s ability to process the world normally, being a creative can feel like trying to pull ideas out of quicksand.

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Smutlancer Q&A: August 2020 Mailbag

Every month, Molly and I answer smutlancer questions in our mailbag episode. This month, we answer questions on where to pitch your writing, how to stay consistent, and how to apologize less often.

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Smutlancer Monthly Income Report: July 2020

Of all the things on my mind in July, my income wasn’t really one of them. I’m well aware of my privilege here, although I’ve newly arrived at it. But it also means that whatever numbers are below will be a surprise to me — good or bad, so I have no immediate thoughts on what July was like. Other than a very long month.

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Finding the Balance When You Can’t Keep Up

Keep up with what? It could be anything, but specific to our conversation, we refer to your (and our) to-do list, goals, work promised to clients, etc. The topic comes from a question Quinn Rhodes (ze/hir) asked us about maintaining a work-life balance when chronic conditions (like mental health) get in the way — without working seven days a week and burning yourself out (or making yourself worse).

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Blog Content Idea: Monthly Columns

As a person with a need for perfectionism, I have a never-ending quest to find the perfect way to plan out content for my blog. The more consistent my plan, the better I perform and the more consistent my blog is. So when I learned about the concept of columns and how to apply them to my own blog, I was absolutely delighted. Having something that I know will be posted every month, even if I don’t write anything else, helps me feel secure as a blogger and a writer. It gives me a tangible goal and keeps my blog...

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Picking a WordPress Theme

In this week’s episode, Molly and Michael talk about picking a WordPress theme for your site! This is an extremely important decision — but it can also be a difficult one. Whether your current site needs an update or you’re building a new site, give this episode a listen!

Using Social Media for Self-Care 0

Using Social Media for Self-Care

Social media is a useful tool for all kinds of smutlancers from promotion to growing your audience to finding work — but it also as its downsides. Quinn Rhodes (ze/hir) shares hir experiences with the downsides of social media and how ze uses it for self-care.

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Collaborating In the Way That Works for You

This week’s episode is a mash-up of two ideas I thought I had strong opinions about: collaboration and hiring people to do the tasks you can’t or don’t want to do. As in past episodes, this is a look at my current experience and thinking on the topic, as well as (hopefully) a few useful tips.

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Smutathon: Using Our Smutlancing Powers for Good

Editor’s note: A big thanks to Amy Norton for (once again) contributing great content to the Smutlancer site. This week, she discusses Smutathon, a project that raises money for worthy causes while also celebrating sex writing. In lieu of payment for this piece, a donation was made to this year’s Smutathon charity. Sometimes you have an idea and you just have to run with it. Other times, you have an idea and think, “This is probably ridiculous but what the hell, I’ll see what Twitter thinks.” Smutathon (not to be confused with Smut Marathon!) was the latter. I’m very into...