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The Smutlancers: Writing about sex and getting paid to do it

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Smutlancer Revenue Report: January 2021

The income/expenses report from the past few years has been important information to share, but it’s a bit boring to share the same list of numbers over and over again. Since I (Kayla) am focusing on revenue streams more than income, I’m switching things up and only focusing on those numbers in the updated monthly revenue report.


Smutlancer Spotlight: Morgan Claire Sirene

Happy New Year Smutlancers!!! Although we were limited in how we could celebrate due to the pandemic, I hope you all made the most out of ringing in the new year with your loved ones.   I’m sure by now you have at least one or two resolutions/goals in mind that you want to accomplish this year – even if it’s to be healthier – as do I! So, I’m proud to announce that one of my new year resolutions/goals came true: Morgan Claire Sirene (she/her) agreed to be our first Smutlancer Spotlight of 2021! *insert hearts in eyes emoji* Morgan...


Book Review: Social Media Success for Every Brand

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you click a link and make a purchase, we make a small commission. This helps us pay our writers, keep the site going, and fuels our caffeine habit. Social media is notoriously confusing. We are often left wondering how often to post, what to post about, and which social media platforms are right for us. Guides posted online are often outdated in a few years. While her book attempts to answer the same questions as those online guides, Claire Diaz-Ortiz’s Social Media Success for Every Brand mixes timely advice with evergreen principles to...

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Two Key Rules to Help Keep Your Sex Blog Anonymous

I’m an anonymous sex blogger, and I won’t bore on at you about the reasons why I made that decision. Chances are if you’re looking to this article for advice, you’ve made the same one. As is your absolute right, in my opinion. You get to choose how to label your work, and yourself. The only thing that should concern others is making sure they respect the choice you’ve made. But how do you go about keeping your sex blog anonymous? Here are two overarching tips that have served me well over the years. The technical: act like two separate...

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10 Planners That Smutlancers Love

In a recent group call in the Smutlancers community, we talked about goal setting and planning, both in general and specific to 2021. During the discussion, everyone had something to say about our planners and planning systems for this year. We asked members of the community to share the planner(s) they love and use, whether this year or in the past. If you’re still trying to figure out which one to use for 2021, hopefully, this list gives you a few options to explore. My PA Planner Both Molly and I are using My PA Planner this year. I used...

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Five Do’s and Four Don’ts for Disabled Sex Writers

Can you be a successful sex writer and have a disability? Definitely! I am one of them. I have had dyslexia and bipolar I disorder for most of my life. At 40, I was diagnosed with a host of autoimmune disorders. I had not planned to become a sex writer, but that is what the universe had in store. Here is what I have learned after seven years as a disabled sex writer.