The Smutlancers: Writing about sex and getting paid to do it

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Smutlancer Revenue Report: April 2021

Kayla breaks down her revenue streams as a smutlancer for the month of April to show how she earns money creating content about sex. The goal is to balance out the different streams so that a loss in one doesn’t have such a big impact on her bottom line. This is how that went this month.

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Erotica Submission Opportunities | May 2021

Want to get your smutty words in front of more readers? Calliope (they/them) compiled a list of erotica submissions — some with upcoming deadlines and some that accept submissions all the time!


SEO Keywords: How to Research and Choose Good Keywords

It’s not enough to use the “right” keywords in your content. You’ve got to know how to figure out which keywords are the ones that are more likely to help you rank well in Google. Girl on the Net (she/her) shares her tips, tricks, tools, and techniques for picking good keywords.

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Smutlancer Revenue Report: March 2021

Having multiple revenue streams is a “best practice” when you work for yourself, so you’re not overly reliant on income from a single source. In the monthly review, Kayla takes a look at her streams of revenue as they change and (hopefully) grow over time — to see if the streams can become more balanced. Check out the March 2021 report.

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Book Review: Rework

In this month’s book review, Chase reviews Rework, written by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, founders of Basecamp. He shares several takeaways from the book that may help Smutlancers as you build your business and create your content.

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Erotica Submission Opportunities | March 2021

Want to get your erotica published — online, in a book, or as an audio story? Check out the March 2021 list of submission opportunities. Some have specific deadlines, while others are available on an ongoing basis.