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SEO Keywords: How to Research and Choose Good Keywords

It’s not enough to use the “right” keywords in your content. You’ve got to know how to figure out which keywords are the ones that are more likely to help you rank well in Google. Girl on the Net (she/her) shares her tips, tricks, tools, and techniques for picking good keywords.

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Two Key Rules to Help Keep Your Sex Blog Anonymous

I’m an anonymous sex blogger, and I won’t bore on at you about the reasons why I made that decision. Chances are if you’re looking to this article for advice, you’ve made the same one. As is your absolute right, in my opinion. You get to choose how to label your work, and yourself. The only thing that should concern others is making sure they respect the choice you’ve made. But how do you go about keeping your sex blog anonymous? Here are two overarching tips that have served me well over the years. The technical: act like two separate...

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How To Market Your Sex Blog to Advertisers

So, you’ve got yourself a hot sex blog. You’re reaching a decent audience each month, and you’ve worked out roughly how much you should be charging to advertisers to get their shiny products and services in front of your hungry users. But so far you haven’t been inundated with emails offering you cash in exchange for your services. What gives? How do you market your sex blog to potential advertisers?

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Consent and Confusing Contracts: Top Tips Before You Sign on the Dotted Line

Thanks to an excellent lawyer, and a few years of experience with contracts and Smutlancing, Girl on the Net shares an overview of some of the key things to be aware of when a client sends you a contract and highlights why contracts are like sex: your informed consent is absolutely vital.