How to Build an Audience on Social Media

Girl on the Net

Girl on the Net (she/her) is a sex blogger and author who writes filth, feminism, and funny stuff over at She also makes audio porn – turning sexy stories into audio recordings to help make erotica more accessible (and also just because so many of us love a dirty bedtime story). She has been blogging for 9 years, has written two books, and is very keen to help other bloggers turn their sexy hobby into a day job just like she did. Hit her up at her website or on Patreon ( for more filth and fuckery.

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  1. Quinn Rhodes says:

    [CW: suicidal ideation, mental illness]

    I *so* easily fall into the trap of comparing my numbers (either in terms of social media followers or visitors to my blog) to other people who have been doing this a LOT longer than me (and who didn’t have to change their url and social media handles a year in when they were outed…). The comparison game is HARD, especially when it comes to social media when you get everyone’s highlight’s reel all of the time – which obviously isn’t what you’re talking about here, but is interesting to me. My struggle with social media is often my mental illness. We’re often told to be vulnerable and actually share shit from our lives because “authenticity gets more clicks” (I am hating myself more the further into this sentence I get) but I also don’t want to just complain all the time. Right now I’m in my lowest and longest ever depressive spell and I’m suicidal every single day, which makes doing anything hard but I feel like I have nothing to share. I don’t want to tell my followers again and again how shit I feel, partly because everyone is struggling right now and partly because that’s just boring. I’ve mostly been taking a break from Twitter (it’s SO MUCH FUN to be on Twitter as a trans person these days…) but that means I’m not interacting with people or making connections or building an audience. Obviously that self-care and having boundaries is good, but then I start comparing myself again…

    ANYWAY, thank you for the brilliant post.

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