Erotica Submission Opportunities | June 2021

Summer is clearly heating up here in the Northern hemisphere because a lot of publications want stories that are hot, hot, hot! (And for our Southern hemisphere friends, your hot stories can warm someone up on a cold night…)

Whether you have some pieces waiting to send out or are looking for a publication with a theme to spark a story, I’ve rounded up places eager for your writing.

Make sure to read both submission guidelines and terms and conditions closely. Many publications have specific guidelines or requirements for stories along with things like formatting, information from you, and more. While reading the terms and conditions can seem tedious, it’s important to understand what a publication is going to do with your work.

Erotica for Men and the Women Who Love Them

Guidelines to submit

Deadline: June 27

Paid: $75

Word Count: 3,000-4,500

Should feature male-identified characters

Mother F*cker – The Zine for Leather Mommy Erotica

Guidelines to submit

Deadline: July 1

Paid: Unpaid

Word Count: Variable

Also accepting art and essays

Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, Volume 8

Guidelines to submit

Deadline: September 1

Paid: $225 & 2 print editions

Word Count: 2,000-4,000

Theme is “play”; Authors and characters must be women, gender nonconforming, genderqueer, and/or non-binary

Cunning Linguists

Guidelines to submit

Deadline: September 1

Paid: $30 for flash fiction (1000); $100 for short stories from 2,500—6,000 words

Word Count: up to 6,000

Enter the Mancave

Guidelines to submit

Deadline: September 7

Paid: $25

Word Count: 3,000-6,000

Should center women in typical male-centered spaces

Frat Boys and Dorm Rooms

Guidelines to submit

Deadline: October 11

Paid: $25

Word Count: 3,000-6,000

Gay male erotica

Ongoing Submission Opportunities

Venus Cuckoldress

Deadline: Rolling

Paid: $50

Word Count: 300-1,000 (open to longer, email to discuss)

Real-life stories about cuckolding


Deadline: Rolling

Paid: $35

Word Count: 1,500-3,000


Deadline: Rolling

Paid: rate of 5p/word (GBP).

Word Count: up to 4,000

Shag Story

Deadline: Rolling

Paid: $50

Word Count: 2,000-5,000

All genres and perspectives welcome

Nobillis Erotica Podcast

Deadline: Rolling

Paid: $25 (audio rights)

Word Count: 2,000-6,000

Speculative fiction

CTR Audio

Deadline: Rolling

Paid: $50 (audio rights)

Word Count: up to 20,000

HEA or HFN endings preferred

Sweet Talk Erotica Podcast

Deadline: Rolling

Paid: Unpaid

Word Count: 4,000-6,000

Femdom stories only

Are you seeking stories for your online publication, podcast, or next book? Let us know the details and we’ll include your listing in an upcoming round-up! Contact us here


Calliope (they/them) is a femme Leather boy blogging about power exchange and kink. You can find them at or on Twitter and Instagram @QueerCourtesan.

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