The Smutlancers Podcast

The Smutlancers podcast is a weekly show hosted by Kayla Lords and Molly Moore discussing our experiences as smutlancers trying to reach our goals, find success, and build the career, life, and website of our dreams. We share our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, tips, tricks, and how-tos each week!

Below, you'll find the audio and show notes pages for every episode of the podcast.

episode 17 Smutlancer podcast discussing vanilla writing

Writing About More than Sex to Jumpstart Your Writing Career SL017

If you’re here, I assume you either want to be a smutlancer or consider yourself one already. Creating content about sex is what this site is about, and it’s a personal passion of my own. But I wouldn’t be the freelancer I am without the vanilla content that pays the bills. For anyone else who wants to earn a steady income or ditch the day job, I make the case for looking for vanilla writing work to supplement your sex writing. In this episode: Writing about sex can earn you money Adding “vanilla” topics can help you go full-time You...

episode 16 of the Smutlancer Podcast - who are you writing for

Who Are You Writing For? SL016

The question came up, in a recent conversation, about who we write for. Do you write for yourself or your audience? Me? I write for both. Sometimes at the same time, and sometimes exclusively for one or the other. And when you write professionally, you’ve got two other groups to think about — the client and their audience. In this episode: Writing for yourself Writing for others You can write for both When you write professionally Links from the show: – use code KaylaLords to get one month free! (affiliate offer) Follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

episode 15 of smutlancer podcast -- just keep going

Just Keep Going SL0015

This week, I turned on the mic with no notes or script but with a message I repeat to myself a lot. And it’s one I’m sure other people need to…just keep going and do the best you can do. Links from the show: – use code KaylaLords to get one month free! (affiliate offer) Follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook Loving BDSM Masturbation Monday Subscribe to the show: Apple Podcasts Google Play Stitcher RSS feed

episode 14 of the Smutlancer podcast about being generous with your time and your audience

The Case for Being More Generous With Your Audience SL014

When we share our personal sexual experiences, give advice on the best way to do this or the top number of [insert things to try here], our audience may consider us a resource for all kinds of information about sex. Some (but not all) of them may even seek our advice on more specific questions. As bloggers, educators, and content creators, we get to decide whether we’ll answer those questions and how we’ll handle those requests. In episode 14, I try to explain why I’m overly generous with my time, attention, and willingness to help those who ask for it....

episode 13 discusses why authenticity matters

Why Authenticity Matters SL013

This week, after an unplanned for hiatus, I’m back and it’s time to discuss being authentic when you’re online and why it matters. Short answer? It helps build an audience, a brand, and ultimately, a business that earns you money. In this episode: Pardon the absence. Blame tech troubles. I went on a Twitter rant under my personal account. Which, when I say rant is more like a well-reasoned, mostly well edited monologue on a topic that matters to me. On the internet, the only thing we’ve really got is our word. Truth can be fuzzy online, especially in the...

episode 12 of Smutlancer podcast is the eroticon podcast panel

Podcasting 101: 2018 Eroticon Podcast Panel SL012

I haven’t had a chance to gush about 2018 Eroticon yet, but I will, and soon. Until then, take a listen to the podcasting panel I sat on with John Brownstone (my partner in crime over at Loving BDSM) and Andrew and Pixie of Kink Craft. Whether you were unable to attend the session while at Eroticon or you couldn’t get to Eroticon at all, we wanted you to have access to the content. If you’ve got more questions once you listen, feel free to reach out! In this episode: The type of equipment and software you can use to...

episode 11 of smutlancer podcast discusses reasons why you should publish anyway

Deciding Whether to Hit Publish or Not SL011

Sometimes writing a blog or making a thing is easy. We almost feel a compulsion to do it or we’re “on brand” so of course we’ll put it out there. But what happens when you want to (or do) write or make a thing, but you wonder if you “should” publish it? This week I’m sharing three reasons why you should hit publish most of the time. In this episode: I’m going on a two week hiatus for Eroticon and travel so no new podcast until March 28. The next episode should be (barring problems) the recording of the podcast...

smutlancer podcast episode 10 discusses giving advice

Advice from an Advice-Giver on Giving Advice

Not everyone who creates content wants to give advice, and frankly not everyone even should. But if you’re interested in offering your perspective on the world in a way that might help others, I have some, well, advice. Ultimately, you have to find what works for you. As someone who used to think there was nothing I could say to help others, I’ve found a way that builds connections and an audience while letting me sleep at night. Take as little or as much as you want from this episode. Ultimately, we all have to find the path that works...

episode 9 of smutlancer podcast discusses keeping your website operational

3 Things You Need for Your Website SL009

As someone trying to earn money and build a career off of the sexy, smutty stuff you make, your website must work. While you can’t prevent crashes (or most of them), there are things and people you can have to help you survive them. When my own website crashed this week, I was reminded of this in a big way. In this episode: All my websites went down this week. After the first fix, was still down. I hadn’t run a back-up recently, even though I knew they were important. Thankfully I had help because I don’t really know...

episode 8 discusses ignoring the critics and making your thing anyway

Ignoring Your Critics and Getting Better at What You Do SL008

This week I went on a rant (it’s kind of my thing) about ignoring your critics – even your own inner critic – and doing your thing. We all start somewhere and we all get better with time. It’s easy for someone to sit on the outside and say you did it wrong, but much harder to be out there getting it done. In this episode: Two separate Twitter convos inspired this week’s episode – one on whether you can like someone who sucks at their art and the other about non-helpful criticism. There’s a difference between the critic and...