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Handling Criticism From Your Audience 4

Handling Criticism From Your Audience

I’m not sure today’s post offers any solutions or advice. It’s more of a thought exercise. There likely isn’t a single right answer (there usually isn’t). That being said, I’m going to share a conundrum I often find myself in when it comes to handling good-faith criticism from my audience. And my example is going to be ridiculously specific but I think it translates to any feedback we receive from our audience. (For the record — the moment you put something you make out into the world, you face potential criticism. Twisting yourself into knots to avoid ANY criticism stunts...

Figuring Out Who Your Audience Is 0

Figuring Out Who Your Audience Is

In a recent group chat for Smutlancers community members (through Patreon — you do know about our Smutlancers Patreon, right?!?!), we got into a discussion about figuring out your audience. The idea being that once you know who consumes your content, you can create more content geared to them and keep them coming back. I think there are two ways to look at this. Content, Then Audience This, I think, is the path most sex bloggers and those who create very personal content take. It’s less a path and more a happy accident. You write or record what feels right...

episode 49 of the Smutlancer podcast discusses using comments and social media responses to build an engaged audience 0

Building Your Audience through Comments and Conversations

I don’t believe responding to comments or commenting on other blogs and websites is the *only* way to build an engaged audience, but I do think it helps. If you want a more active and engaged audience, here are some tips on how to do that.

episode 33 of the smutlancer podcast discusses self-promotion strategy for sex bloggers 0

Thinking About Self-Promotion More Strategically SL033

This week, I’m talking about different ways sex bloggers can get in front of new audiences (that they don’t always take) and ways to think of self-promotion in a more strategic way. And why that’s a good thing for your sex blog and your smutlancing goals. In this episode: This week’s episode is brought to you by QuickBooks Self Employed We’re creative, and many of us are driven by inspiration and how we feel about our work. That’s what helps us create. But we also worry that we’re not good enough which can make us shy away from promotional opportunities....

How Giveaways Build an Audience using Rafflecopter 0

How Giveaways Build an Audience and How to Plan One (Using Rafflecopter)

I looooove hosting giveaways. From the time I set up the giveaway to the moment I get to notify a winner, I’m excited. Giving away free stuff is fun. Being the one who connects an audience to a company or product I love feels good. So…should you do a giveaway? How is it done? Why should you consider it? Here’s what I’ve got for you… Why You Should Do a Giveaway The why is unique to you, so there’s no single right reason. Maybe you like giving free stuff to people or you have something you want to promote. Maybe...

6 Ways to Stop Worrying About Being Wrong and Publish Your Content Anyway 2

6 Ways to Stop Worrying About Being Wrong and Publish Your Content Anyway

When you write or talk about sex, sexuality, and gender, there’s almost always someone waiting in the wings to tell you how wrong you are. They’ll tell you your topic is disgusting or you’re using the wrong words. Maybe they’ll throw some social media hate your way, making it feel like the entire world thinks you suck. I wish I had a magic cure for this. It wouldn’t matter if you’re creating content about puppies, this can happen. Most of the people who this are trolls and a few are extremely passionate about the topic. They’ve just forgotten that INTERNET...

episode 14 of the Smutlancer podcast about being generous with your time and your audience 0

The Case for Being More Generous With Your Audience SL014

When we share our personal sexual experiences, give advice on the best way to do this or the top number of [insert things to try here], our audience may consider us a resource for all kinds of information about sex. Some (but not all) of them may even seek our advice on more specific questions. As bloggers, educators, and content creators, we get to decide whether we’ll answer those questions and how we’ll handle those requests. In episode 14, I try to explain why I’m overly generous with my time, attention, and willingness to help those who ask for it....

teal sign that discusses sex blogging memes 0

Develop a Writing Habit and Audience with Sex Blogging Memes

6/22/20 Edit: Some links included in the original post have been removed. Blogging memes hold a special place in my heart. I participated in memes and link-ups from the earliest days of my sex blog. These memes and their hosts help writers by helping you join a community, earn readers, and build a writing habit. Blogging as a regular (although not daily) habit is important to me. When you don’t have a topic banging away at the walls of your brain, it’s easy to decide to skip the day or worry you have nothing to say. Blogging memes offer inspiration...