Thank You to Our 2020 Smutlancers Contributors!

In the US, we celebrate Thanksgiving this week. While the history of the holiday is problematic (to put it mildly), the idea of “giving thanks” is a good one. It’s something we should think about more often than one day a year. With that in mind, we want to acknowledge and thank our contributors for all their hard work and brilliant words.

Here at Smutlancers, we work with regular contributors who write monthly columns and we also accept pitches from other writers who may have an idea we like. As the site and Smutlancers community continue to grow, we hope to eventually expand not only how much we pay but also how many writers we publish each month.

Meet Our Regular Contributors

Being able to hire regular contributors takes a lot of stress off of us to write and publish multiple times a week. It also allows us to feature multiple types of content from unique perspectives.


Calliope (they/them) is so new their first regular piece won’t appear until December or January but we want to recognize their willingness to fill a gap for us. (They have written for us in the past, though!) Starting very soon, you’ll see regular round-ups of erotic writing submission opportunities. Whether you’re a new erotic writer or someone trying to make your living writing smut, we (with Calliope’s help) will make finding places to submit your work a little bit easier.

About Calliope: Calliope (they/them) is a femme Leather boy blogging about power exchange and kink. You can find them at or on Twitter and Instagram @QueerCourtesan.

Read Calliope’s pieces here.

Chase Tramel

Chase (he/him) pitched his ideas before becoming a regular contributor. (You may have seen his other pieces on the site in the past). It was during conversations about the books he read that sparked the idea (and request) to share those books through book reviews. Back in the early days of the site, Kayla tried to review books she read, but it never became a regular thing. (Although either of us may still pop up with a review every so often.) Chase not only reads excellent books worth checking out, but he also has a knack for translating very vanilla content into how it will help you as a smutlancer.

About Chase: Chase Tramel (he/him), or slave chase depending on the context, shares his skills with kinksters at the intersection of BDSM, communication, and spirituality. His classes and writings include authentic, emotionally vulnerable expressions of connection and conflict. Chase is dedicated to peacemaking as a spiritual journey and seeks to create a world that works for all by giving people the tools to change their lives. Information about his writings and upcoming events can be found at Find him on Twitter @ChaseKink or on Fetlife as slavechase.

Read Chase’s pieces here

Chelsea Hamlet

Chelsea  (she/her) approached us with an idea to revive an old feature from the site that never got traction. (Consider this another example of Kayla trying to do too much on her own). Not only did she want to bring back the Smutlancers Profile, but she wanted to breathe new life into it. In the process, she’s made it better than we ever imagined it could be. There are so many ways to be a smutlancer, and Chelsea helps us all see that every month with her profiles.

About Chelsea: Chelsea A. Hamlet (she/her) is a blogger, ghostwriter, and certified Erotic Blueprint Coach™. She also works at a sex and lingerie store in New York City. When Chelsea’s not working or writing, she’s either eating her favorite foods, looking up parts of her birth chart, or watching 90s sitcoms. Check out her site,, and follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @chelseaahamlet.

Read Chelsea’s pieces here

Girl on the Net

Girl on the Net (she/her) is a bit of an icon in the sex blogging world. She often says she learns things from us, but we know we learn things from her. We asked her to become a regular contributor, and when she asked what she should write about, our answer was simple: Write about the things you know about being Girl on the Net. GOTN works with adult brands, allows ads on her site, and writes absolute filth in the most thoughtful way. We’ll admit that we wanted to continue to learn from her, as much as we wanted everyone else to have that opportunity, too.

About Girl on the Net: Girl on the Net (she/her) is a sex blogger and author who writes filth, feminism, and funny stuff over at She also makes audio porn – turning sexy stories into audio recordings to help make erotica more accessible (and also just because so many of us love a dirty bedtime story). She has been blogging for 9 years, has written two books, and is very keen to help other bloggers turn their sexy hobby into a day job just like she did. Hit her up at her website or on Patreon for more filth and fuckery.

Read Girl on the Net’s pieces here

Meet the Rest of Our Amazing Contributors

In a perfect world, we’d have eight or even 12 regular contributors, but as we can’t afford that (yet!), we accept pitches and publish other writers as often as our budget allows. Without their great ideas and thoughtful writing, we wouldn’t be able to help as many Smutlancers as we do. Below is a list of the other writers who have written for us in 2020 and their most recent piece. We hope this list continues to grow and expand in 2021 and beyond!

(Note: If you click on a contributor’s name and go to their site, you might see nudity, sexy writing, and other delightful smut. If you are surprised by this possibility, you must be new. Welcome!)

Victoria Blisse (she/her) ⋅ How to Expand Your Erotic Writing

Veronica Bly (she/her) ⋅ Why You Should Consider Public Speaking as a Smutlancer

Violet Grey (she/her) ⋅ How to Deal with Writer’s Block in a Pandemic

Michael Knight (he/him) ⋅ What to Do When Your Website is Hacked

Theon Nord (he/him) ⋅ Using Photo Sites to Grow Your Audience

Amy Norton (she/her) ⋅ Using Reddit to Grow Your Traffic (and Make Money!)

Quinn Rhodes (ze/hir/he/him) ⋅ You Have to Do the Pronoun Thing for Everyone

Adam Rouge (he/him) ⋅ Should You Make Your Sex Blog Multilingual?

Cara Thereon (she/her) ⋅ Writing Through Anxiety

Do you have ideas you’d like to pitch? We’re working on our 2021 editorial calendar right now! Read our guidelines and submit your pitch!

The Smutlancers

We are the Smutlancers: Kayla Lords and Molly Moore. We share what we know about writing sex and making money to help others who want to do the same. To learn more about us, go to

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