What is Time Anymore?

If your world has turned upside down as a result of *gestures wildly at the world* you might be asking yourself the same question. Does time even have meaning right now? In this week’s podcast episode, Molly talks about figuring out how to find a routine that works for you, regardless of what the clock says, and feeling like you’ve accomplished something even as your never-ending to-do list waits for you.

In this episode:

  • Should you stick to a strict daily routine or change it up and try something different?
  • The right routine is the one that suits you
  • 9 – 5 is only a concept we all agreed with the ‘right way’ but it might not be the right way for you
  • 3 Daily Tasks
  • To-do lists and To-done lists

Links from the episode:

When Your Routine No Longer Helps You (blog post)

The Power of a Morning Routine (podcast episode)

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