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episode 91 of the Smutlancers podcast hosted by Kayla Lords and Molly Moore 0

Smutlancers Q&A: May 2020 Mailbag

This month, we answered several questions in a rapid-fire style because they were GREAT questions! Also, we answer a question on the decision to self-publish your erotica or go the more traditional route as an erotica author.

episode 89 of the Smutlancers podcast hosted this week by Molly Moore 0

What is Time Anymore?

In this week’s podcast episode, Molly talks about figuring out how to find a routine that works for you, regardless of what the clock says, and feeling like you’ve accomplished something even as your never-ending to-do list waits for you.

How to Work More Efficiently and Get More Done 0

How to Work More Efficiently and Get More Done

The inspiration for this post comes from Chelsea Hamlet, a member of the Smutlancers Community. I realized my answer to a question she asked could be a blog post on its own, and here we are. If you feel like you work fairly slowly, and you wonder how you can possibly take on another client or another job to make more money, this is for you. They’re productivity tips, but not the “you’re not doing enough, here’s how to hustle and grind it out” tips. This is for the people who think, “I need to make enough money to pay...

episode 86 of the Smutlancers podcast 0

Smutlancing in a Pandemic

It didn’t feel right coming back from a brief break on the podcast and NOT discussing the state of the world, at least from the perspective of how we’re handling things. Pardon the ramble, but we wanted to talk about these things so we can firmly move on from the topic (while also acknowledging the reality of how pandemics impact our smutlancer lives) in future episodes.

episode 77 of the Smutlancers podcast hosted by Kayla Lords 0

The Power of a Morning Routine

Essentially, this is about the routine you create to get yourself ready to work. Ready to create; ready to sit down and get things done. Yours doesn’t need to look like mine, but making your own may be worth the effort, especially if it helps you achieve your goals and get more done.

episode 73 of the Smutlancers podcast hosted by Kayla Lords 2

The Fear of Stopping

This week’s episode discusses goal setting from a different angle — the fear we sometimes feel when we decide to stop doing something. Change can be scary, and not just new changes we’ve never done before. Stopping or ending a thing we’ve done for a long time can make us fearful or unsettled, too.

episode 72 of the smutlancers podcast - Molly and Kayla answer questions on goal setting, productivity, and marketability 0

December 2019 Mailbag Episode

This month we talk about goal setting, trying to get it all done, and being marketable without compromising who you are.

episode 69 of the Smutlancers podcast -- Kayla details multiple steps to be more productive this week 0

7 Steps To Have a More Productive Week

I’m giving you a checklist, a series of things to do to see improvement. Yeah, it’s not my usual style, but I think most of these steps can help you be more productive. And by “productive” I don’t mean hustle-and-grind-it-out. I mean, get the stuff done you want to get done and accomplish the goals you’ve set for yourself. 

When Your Routine No Longer Helps You 1

When Your Routine No Longer Helps You

I love a good routine. Habits, systems, procedures…it all adds up to one thing: predictability. If I know what I need to do (and how to do it) I can get more done. But I’ve also learned that a routine can hold you back. Keep you stuck in doing the same old thing because it’s comfortable, not because it’s what’s best for you.

getting more done with no time 4

How To Reach Your Goals When You Have No Time to Work On Them

Eroticon is over for another year, and I have no doubt that by the time it’s over, I’ll be going through con-drop in a serious way. It happens every year. My standalone session this year was about reaching your goals when you have no time. If you weren’t able to attend Eroticon or the session, everything below is an outline of what I discussed. And if you DID attend, consider this post to be a reminder and links to the resources I mentioned. As I’m writing this in the future (re: prior to actually giving this session), I’m going to...