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episode 89 of the Smutlancers podcast hosted this week by Molly Moore 0

What is Time Anymore?

In this week’s podcast episode, Molly talks about figuring out how to find a routine that works for you, regardless of what the clock says, and feeling like you’ve accomplished something even as your never-ending to-do list waits for you.

How I Organize My Work Day 0

How I Organize My Work Day | Smutlancer Process

Finding the right process helps me get work done, stay efficient, and not feel like I’m spinning my wheels. It lets me get more done in a day than I otherwise might — without using extra energy or sitting in front of a screen for hours upon hours. With that in mind — and because a few people have asked me to talk about it — let’s dive into my process for organizing my work day.

You Can't Wait for Inspiration to Strike 0

What To Do Instead of Waiting for Inspiration to Strike

Many creative people I know spend a lot of time worrying that they’re not feeling inspired. They fret that maybe their muse has left them, wonder if they’re experiencing writer’s block, or start to think maybe they’re not cut out for this creative thing. It’s a common thing that affects most of us at some point or another, and it absolutely sucks. If you’re not interested in building a business, making money, or reaching specific creative and financial goals (publishing a book, winning an award, etc), you can wait for inspiration. To everyone else… You don’t have time for inspiration...

making my to-do list more productive 0

Hacking My To-Do List to Get More Done

It’s the Friday before Eroticon 2018, and I’ve worked (and am still working) hard to get as much done before I leave as possible. Between client work, blogging, and podcasting, it’s more than I anticipated. Although why I told myself 15 hour workdays were a thing I could just keep doing, I don’t know. I’ve survived though — with help. Think lots of caffeine, pretending to work while I watch TV, and procrastination on Twitter. So. Much. Procrastination. But I’m nearly done, and it’s thanks in part to finding a system that kept me organized and moving forward. Having an...