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episode 88 of the smutlancer podcast discusses tips for working with editors of online publications 0

Tips for Working with Editors of Other Websites

Not every smutlancer pitches their ideas to other websites, but many do. If you’re a writer, it’s likely that you’ve done it or considered it. In this episode, I’m speaking specifically about writing non-fiction. Sites that publish fiction have slightly different expectations and requirements (although some of these tips are universal).

Rejection: It Sucks, but is it a Blessing in Disguise? 4

Rejection: It Sucks, but is it a Blessing in Disguise?

The question embedded in my title is as much a reminder to myself as it is a rallying call for fellow creatives. I suspect that viewing rejection as a valuable learning curve only really comes with a lot of time, a heap of success, and a helluva lot of hindsight.

episode 64of the smutlancers podcast is the mailbag episode and we're answering listener questions! 0

October 2019 Mailbag

In this month’s mailbag episode, we answer several questions AND respond to comments. There’s even a Molly rant towards the end. We’re talking about copyright, trademarks, self hosting, publishing erotic books, and pitching yourself for the smutlancer job you want.

ideas to help writers who don't know what to write about 0

What To Do When You Run Out of Writing Ideas

I’m going to admit something right here and now so everyone knows it. No holding back. No hiding the truth. Sometimes I have don’t have a clue what I want to write about. I need to pitch publications so I can earn money, but I come up blank. Panic sets in. What if I never have another idea again? Have I used up all the ideas I can write about? Is this the end of my writing career?!?! I might also be prone to catastrophic thinking. I admit that, too. The point is that whether you’re at the beginning of...

Submitting Pitches to Websites 2

How to Pitch Your Idea to a Website

If you’ve never written for a website other than your own, it’s easy to wonder how in the hell all those names show up on websites you like to read. Do they have a massive staff of writers, all working 40 hours a week, writing about sexy, kinky things? Uh, no. In reality, writers just like me and you (yes, you) pitch the company or website an idea, and it gets accepted. If you’ve ever seen content on a website and thought, “I could write about that!” then it’s time to pitch your ideas and see if anyone bites. A...