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Why Authenticity Matters SL013

This week, after an unplanned for hiatus, I’m back and it’s time to discuss being authentic when you’re online and why it matters. Short answer? It helps build an audience, a brand, and ultimately, a business that earns you money. In this episode: Pardon the absence. Blame tech troubles. I went on a Twitter rant under my personal account. Which, when I say rant is more like a well-reasoned, mostly well edited monologue on a topic that matters to me. On the internet, the only thing we’ve really got is our word. Truth can be fuzzy online, especially in the...

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When In Doubt, Be Who You Are

I’m writing this the Sunday before I head to Eroticon 2018. My to-do list for client work and blogging is nearly done. A trip I’ve been thinking about since my return flight after Eroticon 2017 is about to become a reality. This time, my husband (that’s still fun to say/type!) John Brownstone will be with me. It won’t be my first international trip, my first time in London, or my first time living and working for a weekend as “Kayla Lords.” Those firsts are done. But there are still firsts to be had… My first time presenting as “Kayla Lords”...

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Why Relationships Matter as a Sex Blogger and Writer

The online world is a strange place. You can be whoever you want to be. Use a sexy avatar that looks nothing like you. Create a fake name. Say you’re from anywhere in the world. Anonymity is (mostly) yours if you want it. Even as sex bloggers and writers, we can be whoever we want to be. Some writers personify their characters. Others create entire personalities out of nothing but their deepest desires. It’s hard to know who’s real and who isn’t. All we have, as writers, are our words and our deeds. I feel fairly confident in saying we’ve...