The Art of Asking

Some of us don’t like asking for anything. We want to do it all on our own. But the reality is that in order to learn new things and get ahead, sometimes we have to ask — for help, time, and/or money. At the same time, the longer you put content out into the world, the more likely you are to get asked for something — help, time, and/or money. I don’t have all the answers on this one, but I do think it’s an art in how you ask for something and in how you give that help, time, and/or money.

In this episode:

  • This week’s episode is sponsored by QuickBooks Self Employed.
  • I’m focusing on three types of asks, although there are plenty more.
  • Asking for help from people who know more than we do
  • Asking for time. This is partly to help someone else or to get help.
  • Asking for money. Think promotions, affiliates, Patreon, and all the other ways we ask people to pay us.
  • Personally, I’ve never lost anything by being generous. But I also have to consider my own well-being. It’s a delicate balance.
  • Some of us find it easier to be asked than to do the asking.

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