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The Things You Should and Shouldn’t Do SL018

A huge thanks to Cara Thereon — one of my favorite people — for unintentionally inspiring this podcast episode. She started a discussion on Twitter about the practice of commenting on blogs and how to handle it, and she got me thinking. We all believe there are things we should or shouldn’t be doing as sex bloggers, smutlancers, creatives, and/or business people. And some of those things tend to stress us out, make us think we’re doing it wrong, or kill our creativity. This week, I share what I think we should do…and what we really shouldn’t. In this episode:...

a blog post about the Twitter shadowban 3

Why the Twitter Shadowban Matters…and Why It Doesn’t

The social media and content entities of the world work hard these days to lock out adult content. Either due to investor concerns about all that dirty, dirty sex littering their cash cow. Or it’s in an unconvincing attempt to “Think of the children!” WordPress, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, Patreon, and even the place many of us once thought safe for sex, Twitter, have crumbled and fallen to censorship and pretending sex is for “other people” instead of every (legal adult) fucking body on the planet. Since Twitter still allows an obscene (pun intended) amount of porn on its platform, my...

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What Would You Do If Social Media Disappeared Tomorrow?

Debates rage on social media, as they do, all the time. Some I ignore. But some make me think.┬áSometimes I think, “Can’t we all just get along?” And then sometimes I realize I have Something To Say. Lately, it’s been about voices and platforms and where sex bloggers are most effective or maybe even where they should be. To be fair, I was a blogger long before I ever created a social media account. To me, Facebook was where I talked to my vanilla world about my vanilla life. Eventually I signed up for kinky social media accounts as Kayla...