The Things You Should and Shouldn’t Do SL018

A huge thanks to Cara Thereon — one of my favorite people — for unintentionally inspiring this podcast episode. She started a discussion on Twitter about the practice of commenting on blogs and how to handle it, and she got me thinking. We all believe there are things we should or shouldn’t be doing as sex bloggers, smutlancers, creatives, and/or business people. And some of those things tend to stress us out, make us think we’re doing it wrong, or kill our creativity.

This week, I share what I think we should do…and what we really shouldn’t.

In this episode:

  • What you should do:
    • Create the best content that you can at that moment
    • Make it as easy as possible for people to find and consume your content
    • Do what works best for your life
  • What you don’t have to do:
    • Worry about what other people are doing, writing, or creating
    • Be everywhere, all the time
    • Try to keep up with or compete with anyone else

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