About Those “Guest Post” Emails You Keep Getting

Kayla Lords

I am an erotic author, sex blogger, podcaster, freelance writer, an opinionated marketer, and a speaker with a focus on BDSM and D/s. Here at The Smutlancer, I help people who want to create content or products about sex get paid to do it. I'm sharing what I've learned as a freelancer and a sex blogger to build a career. You can find me online sharing my innermost sexual thoughts and experiences and helping kinksters have healthy BDSM relationships. I'm also a masochistic babygirl submissive with an amazing and sadistic Daddy Dom and business partner, John Brownstone.

3 Responses

  1. Raven Lee says:

    Thanks for the excellent advice Kayla. Can’t wait till we start getting these types of emails. Even the “scammy” ones. 😊

    • Kayla Lords says:

      Yeah, it is kind of a twisted mark of honor when you do get them — it means your website ranking (from whichever arbitrary site they’re using) is higher. But I definitely want you to know what to expect when you get them. 🙂

  2. May More says:

    Great post Kayla – thanks for putting it out there x

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