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About Those “Guest Post” Emails You Keep Getting

Have you received an email or two (or a dozen) with an extremely vague request for a guest blog post on your site — from an unknown person or site?  It may or may not mention a backlink. It may or may not mention payment. What is this about? How should you handle it? In a twist that shocks no one, I’ve got thoughts.

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4 Common Financial Disclosures You Need to Make in Your Content

I get a lot of questions from sex bloggers and adult content creators about when and how to do financial disclosures. When to disclose, how to do it, what exactly to say/write. Below are four common financial disclosures you may need to make (depending on how you make money as a smutlancer). Modify the sample wording to fit your personality, content, and audience. And if you’re not sure what the big deal is about disclosure, here’s why financial disclosure matters. Paid Advertising Did a brand sponsor the blog post you wrote or video you’re making? Was part of the agreement...

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Show Me the Money: Sponsored Content and Advertising

One big way that many smutlancers make a little (or a lot of) cash is through sponsored content and ads. We talk about it a LOT around here, and this week, Molly Moore and Michael Knight are sharing their perspectives from a technical and ethical perspective.

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How to Make Money: Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts should only be one item in your money-making list, but it’s one of the best ones (in my opinion). Depending on how you set it up, you’re literally getting paid to blog. That’s the dream, right? It’s not something the average sex blogger can rely on to pay their rent or mortgage but it’s certainly an income stream that can help you keep your website running. In a new series called “How to Make Money,” let’s focus on sponsored posts. What is a Sponsored Post? A sponsored post is content that an adult company pays you to publish...

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4 Ways to Make Money Writing About Sex

You can’t make money writing about sex…can you? That’s we ask ourselves when we realize we want to write about sex (I know I did). Plenty of people believe that because so many people want free porn, cheap erotica, and easy thrills, no one’s going to pay for sex writing – smutty or informational. Writing and other artistic endeavors are often treated like free labor, regardless of industry. It’s the writing that’s taken for granted, not necessarily the sex. Let’s clear up a myth about sex writing and money – the money is there. The sex toy industry alone is...