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episode 48 of the smutlancer podcast talks about self care and productivity 0

Self Care as a Way to be More Productive

Self-care isn’t just the indulgent stuff we do when we’re stressed out (although I’m all for that). It’s also the way we take care of ourselves so we can do more of the stuff we want to do. Basically, adulting can make us more productive.

episode 39 of the Smutlancer podcast is about being thankful as a smutlancer and sex blogger 0

Being Thankful as a Smutlancer and Sex Blogger

Thanksgiving is nearly here for the U.S., and it’s a time when many of us start thinking about what we’re thankful for. While there are a lot of legitimate challenges and dumpster fires in the world, there are things we can be grateful for, too. If we don’t hold onto the bright spots where we can find them, it’s easy to think all is lost. In this episode, I let my optimistic side out for a bit and share what I believe most of us can be thankful for as smutlancers and sex bloggers. In this episode: This week’s episode...

episode 30 is about finding the balance of our social media presence as a smutlancer 0

Social Media Use and Presence — How Much is Enough? SL030

I’m back from a convention that wasn’t about business but purely about fun. Even though I’m going through con-drop, I’m also re-evaluating my relationship with social media. Not just as a private individual, but also as someone who wants to make a career online. I have no answers in this week’s episode. Only questions for all of us to consider. In this episode: This week’s episode is brought to you by QuickBooks Self Employed Pen name vs real name Total anonymity versus a few boundaries Sharing all of your feelings, good and bad, or not Politics or religion — a...