Self Care as a Way to be More Productive

There are plenty of things we know we should do or that we’ve been told are good for us, but that doesn’t mean we them — or that they’re easy to do. Self-care isn’t just the indulgent stuff we do when we’re stressed (although I’m all for that). It’s also the way we take care of ourselves so we can do more of the stuff we want to do. That’s right, this week, I’m talking about self-care as a way to be more productive as a smutlancer.

In this episode:

  • This week’s episode is sponsored by QuickBooks Self Employed.
  • Self care is often thought about for mental or physical health, when we’re stressed, or to avoid burn out.
  • All of those things are true.
  • Because it’s too easy for me to avoid self care as “unnecessary,” I had to reframe it as part of my work.
  • I also found that certain things (aka adulting) help me get more done in the day and achieve goals while also being a form of self care:
    • Going to bed early
    • Doing good-for-me things and avoiding social media first thing in the morning.
    • Eating healthfully but not trying to perfect.
    • Going to the doctor and/or therapist

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