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You’ve Got to Show Up SL002

Episode two is all about showing up and putting in the work. It was recorded during sex blogger list season but the principles apply all year long. If your goal next year is to appear on a sex blogger list or move up a few spots from the year before or if you just want to become a better blogger, you’ve got to show up. In this episode: This week’s episode is sponsored by Blubrry, a podcast hosting solution. What you do with a personal journal/project is different than what you do when trying to make money Requires showing up...

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Do Sex Blogger Lists Really Matter?

‘Tis the season – the sex blogging award season. Kinkly announced voting has opened for their annual Top Sex Blogging Superheroes list this week. At the same time, my good friend (and all around lovely human being) Molly Moore announced nominations are open for the Top 100 Sex Bloggers list.These two sex blogger lists are the biggest ones I’m aware of. Although other bloggers put together their own smaller lists towards the end of the year that are based on their personal preferences. As it happens every year, some of us enthusiastically embrace the list-making while others cringe from it –...