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What are Obscene Ideas and 31 Days of Erotic Fiction

Molly and I launched Obscene Ideas, our newest business venture on October 5, 2020. You can listen to our podcast episode here to hear us talk about it. For those who prefer to read or anyone who got lost in the chaos of that episode (there was more than our usual share of asides, memory lapses (my bad!), and squeals/giggles of delight), I’m breaking down what Obscene Ideas and 31 Days of Erotic Fiction are and how we made it a reality.

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Revealing Our Fever Dream: Obscene Ideas

We’re finally ready to reveal our fever dream to the world and share our newest project with everyone: Obscene Ideas. Not only are we telling you what it is, but we’re talking about how we made it happen — the people we worked with, the resources we used, and the way we approached the entire project.