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January 2019 Smutlancer Income Report for Kayla Lords 0

Smutlancer Monthly Income Report: January 2019

The Smutlancer Income Report for January 2019 is ready to view. Income was down slightly, as were expenses, but you’ll hear no complaints from me. 2018 ended up being my best year ever, and I can’t wait to find out what happens in 2019.

the October 2018 Smutlancer income report from Kayla Lords 0

Smutlancer Monthly Income Report: October 2018

October was a lot like September, as you’ll see in how close the numbers are from one month to the next. But this was also the month that I started extra projects for a long-term client which means that next month will look much different. It’s not always easy to work extra hard and have a payment delayed by 30 days or so, but that’s the nature of the way I bill. It also reminded me why I prefer to have a really structured work-life. By the end of October, I was working 16 hour days to finish up the...

September 2018 income report for the smutlancer Kayla Lords 0

Smutlancer Monthly Income Report: September 2018

I hesitate to call September a “tight” month because I know there are people who will kill to earn this kind of money, but it was tight for us. We made it through and things are already looking up in the coming months. It was also nice to have a few blog and podcast sponsorships come through. That definitely helped out. The lesson for this month is this: multiple streams of income are always best. You may have to focus on building one up for a while and then focus on another, but try never to depend on a single...

How to get paid to write about sex or anything 0

How Do I Get Paid to Write About Sex or Anything Else?

A kink friend of mine, who recently started her own blog, emailed me with a seemingly simple question, and I’m not sure I’ve ever answered it succinctly here. Not that I’m sure I can now, but we’ll try. The Question How do I get started as a paid writer? Was it hard for you to get started and where did you begin? The Answer There’s no single correct path on this, but I’ll share all the ways I started my freelance writing career. For me, it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be because there are a million...

episode 17 Smutlancer podcast discussing vanilla writing 0

Writing About More than Sex to Jumpstart Your Writing Career SL017

If you’re here, I assume you either want to be a smutlancer or consider yourself one already. Creating content about sex is what this site is about, and it’s a personal passion of my own. But I wouldn’t be the freelancer I am without the vanilla content that pays the bills. For anyone else who wants to earn a steady income or ditch the day job, I make the case for looking for vanilla writing work to supplement your sex writing. In this episode: Writing about sex can earn you money Adding “vanilla” topics can help you go full-time You...

episode 16 of the Smutlancer Podcast - who are you writing for 2

Who Are You Writing For? SL016

The question came up, in a recent conversation, about who we write for. Do you write for yourself or your audience? Me? I write for both. Sometimes at the same time, and sometimes exclusively for one or the other. And when you write professionally, you’ve got two other groups to think about — the client and their audience. In this episode: Writing for yourself Writing for others You can write for both When you write professionally Links from the show: Blubrry.com – use code KaylaLords to get one month free! (affiliate offer) Follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook KaylaLords.com...

how to calculate your rates part two 2

How to Calculate Your Rates Part 2

In part one, we talked about some of the higher level issues to consider when you calculate your rates. If you haven’t read that one yet, click here and get yourself up to speed. That information will be useful for the second part. That being said, if you’re really impatient to have a firm number, read to the end of this, and use the online calculator i found to make it go a little quicker. For now, it’s time to talk about real numbers. How Will You Calculate Your Fee? There are three primary ways to get paid as a...

how to calculate your rates part one 2

How to Calculate Your Rates Part 1

I started writing this piece and realized I had 1500 words written with more to say. While I’m probably gaining a reputation around here for being a bit…wordy (pardon the bad pun), I don’t want to overwhelm you either. Calculating your rates is a big job. It’s not set in stone, and you can (and should) adjust over time. But if you’ve never given your rates much thought beyond accepting whatever is offered, it’s time to think a bit bigger. In part one (of two) on calculating your rates, let’s look at the different factors to consider as you decide...