How Do I Get Paid to Write About Sex or Anything Else?

How to get paid to write about sex or anything

A kink friend of mine, who recently started her own blog, emailed me recently with a seemingly simple question, and I’m not sure I’ve ever answered it succinctly here. Not that I’m sure I can now, but we’ll try. The Question How do I get started as a paid writer? Was it hard for you…

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Ask the Smutlancer: One Thing a New Writer Needs to Know

one piece advice for a new writer

Well, hell, someone actually decided to Ask the Smutlancer! (You can, too, by the way.) The question came in, and it still has me stumped. Since I do my best thinking by typing, I guess the answer will be a surprise for all of us. The Question NortyNinja asks… If you were to offer one…

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