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How to Expand Your Erotic Fiction Writing

Writing erotic fiction is fun but it is a limited field. Some authors can and do make a living from their fiction alone but if you’re not one of them, don’t despair! There are lots of us who diversify our writing portfolio to bring in the cash. How do you do it though? Here are some suggestions based on my real-life experience of going from Victoria Blisse erotica author to the queen of smut. 

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What are Obscene Ideas and 31 Days of Erotic Fiction

Molly and I launched Obscene Ideas, our newest business venture on October 5, 2020. You can listen to our podcast episode here to hear us talk about it. For those who prefer to read or anyone who got lost in the chaos of that episode (there was more than our usual share of asides, memory lapses (my bad!), and squeals/giggles of delight), I’m breaking down what Obscene Ideas and 31 Days of Erotic Fiction are and how we made it a reality.

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e[lust] 101

No articles from The Smutlancer appear in this month’s e[lust] but that doesn’t mean I can’t share it. (Full disclosure: A blog post I wrote on KaylaLords.com does appear here.) Even when you’re not directly connected to good content, share it anyway. It spreads the love, the cheer, and the smut.  And I highly encourage any and all smutty writers and sex bloggers to submit your work to e[lust] each month. Photo courtesy of Candysnatch Reviews Welcome to Elust 101– The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking...

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Writing About All the Sex: Smut vs. Sex Education

Can you write smut and sex education pieces? I’ll give away the answer to the question…yes, you can. Okay, we’re done here, right? Problem solved! Well, not quite. Choosing to write only erotic fiction or some form of non-fiction is one thing. Believing you can’t (or shouldn’t) is quite another. As someone who routinely does both, I promise it’s possible. The outside vanilla world already has enough misconceptions about sex writing. We don’t need to internalize any other false narratives for ourselves. Writing both requires slightly different muscles and ways of thinking, but once you learn how to shift between the...