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episode 8 discusses ignoring the critics and making your thing anyway 2

Ignoring Your Critics and Getting Better at What You Do SL008

This week I went on a rant (it’s kind of my thing) about ignoring your critics – even your own inner critic – and doing your thing. We all start somewhere and we all get better with time. It’s easy for someone to sit on the outside and say you did it wrong, but much harder to be out there getting it done. In this episode: Two separate Twitter convos inspired this week’s episode – one on whether you can like someone who sucks at their art and the other about non-helpful criticism. There’s a difference between the critic and...

you can complain or you can create something useful 0

Don’t Complain, Create Something Instead

I spend a lot of time on Twitter, probably too much, indulging in my love of people-watching. Basically, I’m a lurker. And lately. I’m watching people who I know have platforms criticizing things they don’t like over and over again.  Sometimes we can’t change a situation until enough of us talk about why it’s a problem. (Fuck, sometimes even then we’re stuck with it – I’m looking at you Twitter. All we want is an edit button!) Other times it’s much easier to bitch than it is to do the work. It’s this that drives me to distraction. Why? Because...