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How Your Partner Feels About Your Smutlancer Life SL019

John Brownstone (my husband and Dominant partner) joins me for a discussion about how your partner might feel about and react to your smutlancer life. If what you’re creating or writing about includes them, what they think matters very much. But even when you leave them out of your content, a supportive partner can make all the difference in how you feel about your professional goals. In this episode: As a creator, you don’t necessarily need permission to write and create smutty things. But when your partner is involved — talking about your sex life, taking pictures, etc — what...

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How to Be Seen as the Professional You Are or Want to Be

When I say “the professional you want to be” I’m referring to any work that you do in a creative way that earns money and involves sexual content – erotic writing, sex blogging, podcasting, videos, photography, any of it. In every creative field, there are specific things we do or avoid doing so that we’re seen as the professional we are. But some things are universal. Certain activities and behaviors have to be learned, and some may need to be unlearned. There were some things that came naturally to me when I began freelancing, and others I had to learn...