Finding Your Own Path

In this week’s episode, I want to encourage everyone to stop worrying about what “everyone” does or that “no one” does the thing you want to try. As a freelancer, a sex blogger, a creative person of any kind, the best thing we can ever do is find and follow our own path. Even if it doesn’t look like what anyone else seems to be doing.

In this episode:

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  • Many of us want to do what’s right, but that means we get stuck in doing what other people do.
  • This isn’t always  bad. Finding out what other creators do and emulating their techniques can lead to new opportunities.
  • But sometimes you have to find your own path forward and do what feels right for you — even if no one else seems to be doing it either.
    • The type of content you create
    • Where you spend your time on social media
    • How you promote yourself
  • A lot of what we do is trial and error, so when you learn about something new, try it out and experiment. That doesn’t mean you should feel stuck doing it forever because “everyone else is doing it.”

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Kayla Lords

Kayla Lords is a freelance sex writer, podcaster, blogger, all-around sex content creating human, and she really likes creating content. As a writer, she focuses on sex and kink primarily on BDSM and power exchange. She works with private clients to write their content and manage their social media, while also co-hosting two podcasts, running a YouTube channel, and managing multiple blogs. Let's just say, she stays busy and wants to keep it that way. Kayla is an international speaker and an award-winning sex blogger. She believes we are stronger together as a community than we are isolated and apart. We all deserve to get paid for the work we do, but until we understand our cumulative power, we'll all wonder if we're "the only one" doing this smutlancing thing.

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