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episode 81 of the Smutlancers podcast discusses making your work with me page 0

Making a Work with Me Page

I kept this short and sweet as a quick run-down of how to make a “work with me” or “hire me” page for your website — what to include or not and why it’s a good idea to have one.

episode 44 of the Smutlancer podcast is about setting your rates and figuring out what to charge 2

Getting Paid as a Smutlancer: Setting Your Rates

In episode 44 we dive into the topic of setting your rates, as a sex blogger or a freelancer working with clients. There is no universal or even minimal rate to charge. It takes thought and planning to figure out your rates.

episode of 40 of the smutlancer podcast talks about finding your path as a creative person 0

Finding Your Own Path

In this week’s episode, I want to encourage everyone to stop worrying about what “everyone” does or that “no one” does the thing you want to try. As a freelancer, a sex blogger, a...

post on why smutlancers need multiple streams of income 3

Why You Need Multiple Streams of Income

Relying on a single source of income comes in a variety of forms –  affiliate sales for a single company, offering sponsored posts, working with a single client. The danger, when you only have...

post about Patreon change in TOS 4

Patreon Turns Against NSFW in a Big Way

My plan had been to add Patreon to the ongoing “How to Make Money” series as a viable option for most sex writers and creators to build an income from your work. I’ve used...