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Smutlancer Revenue Report: April 2021

Kayla breaks down her revenue streams as a smutlancer for the month of April to show how she earns money creating content about sex. The goal is to balance out the different streams so that a loss in one doesn’t have such a big impact on her bottom line. This is how that went this month.

July 2020 Smutlancer Income Report 0

Smutlancer Monthly Income Report: July 2020

Of all the things on my mind in July, my income wasn’t really one of them. I’m well aware of my privilege here, although I’ve newly arrived at it. But it also means that whatever numbers are below will be a surprise to me — good or bad, so I have no immediate thoughts on what July was like. Other than a very long month.

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Making a Work with Me Page

I kept this short and sweet as a quick run-down of how to make a “work with me” or “hire me” page for your website — what to include or not and why it’s a good idea to have one.

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Ask the Smutlancer: Blog views, social media, lack of inspiration, and more

A big thanks to Quinn Rhodes for her suggestion for a rapid-fire round of Ask the Smutlancer questions. If these are questions that have occurred to you, hopefully they’ll help you move forward. What do you do if your blog views drop dramatically? And, the follow up question, how do you keep from getting discouraged? The first thing is to look at your stats (either with Google Analytics or whatever plugin you use, like Jetpack). Where have the views dropped? Is it views from social media or views from search? Has every referral source dropped or just a few big...

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Getting Paid as a Smutlancer: Setting Your Rates

In episode 44 we dive into the topic of setting your rates, as a sex blogger or a freelancer working with clients. There is no universal or even minimal rate to charge. It takes thought and planning to figure out your rates.

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Finding Your Own Path

In this week’s episode, I want to encourage everyone to stop worrying about what “everyone” does or that “no one” does the thing you want to try. As a freelancer, a sex blogger, a creative person of any kind, the best thing we can ever do is find and follow our own path. Even if it doesn’t look like what anyone else seems to be doing. In this episode: This week’s episode is brought to you by Blubrry, a podcasting hosting solution. Many of us want to do what’s right, but that means we get stuck in doing what other...

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What It Takes to Make Smutlancing a Full-Time Job

I wish I could wave a magic wand and give you a 10-step checklist so you can make all your smutlancing dreams come true. But anything that can be boiled down into a single list should be taken with a grain of salt. (Says the woman who’s making a list to help you become a smutlancer. Oh, the irony.) The answer is that it always takes work, time, effort, and patience. But in response a comment about achieving success, I thought it was worth outlining what it’s taken for me to make smutlancing a full-time job. Your results will always...

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Why You Need Multiple Streams of Income

Relying on a single source of income comes in a variety of forms –  affiliate sales for a single company, offering sponsored posts, working with a single client. The danger, when you only have one way to make money is that when (rarely if) that income dries up, you’re stuck. You have no other money coming in. Diversifying your revenue streams takes work, and it definitely doesn’t happen overnight. But once you create more than one way to make money, you can better (although not always perfectly) weather any financial loss. What Multiple Streams of Income Looks Like My method...

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Patreon Turns Against NSFW in a Big Way

My plan had been to add Patreon to the ongoing “How to Make Money” series as a viable option for most sex writers and creators to build an income from your work. I’ve used and loved Patreon for a long time, and although I disliked their stance on not allowing NSFW creators to show up on search, at least they gave us a space to earn money doing what we love. When PayPal threatened to shut them down for working with us in 2015, I received plenty of communication and what felt like genuine empathy from Patreon. Now…things have changed....

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How to Make Money: Social Media Influencer

To be honest, being paid as a social media influencer isn’t something I seek out. I’ve done it once, and only because it fell into my lap. I developed a good working relationship with a sex toy company who recommended me to an ecommerce company who was promoting a sex toy I’d reviewed. Confused yet? They needed someone with a known affinity for the product to post a few things on social media. I got asked, and they liked my price enough to pay it. In the ongoing series of “How to Make Money” let’s talk about getting paid as...