The Fear of Stopping

This week’s episode discusses goal setting from a different angle — the fear we sometimes feel when we decide to stop doing something. Change can be scary, and not just new changes we’ve never done before. Stopping or ending a thing we’ve done for a long time can make us fearful or unsettled, too.

These are my thoughts.

In this episode:

  • Part of goal setting needs to be deciding what you won’t do in the future.
  • We can have a similar response to stopping as we do to starting — anxiety, worries, fears.
  • Very little is permanent, and you can always come back to something again.
  • Ask yourself a few questions about the thing you want to stop.
  • Some “stops” will be abrupt and immediate, others will be gradual.
  • Give yourself time to know if it’s something you should continue — quarterly or semi-annual check-ins work.

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  1. I am so glad I finally listened to this tonight. Very timely for me. Thanks. I need you to be my therapist, Kayla. I feel way calmer and more confident after listening to the podcast! Happy New Year xx

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