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What Would You Do If Social Media Disappeared Tomorrow?

Debates rage on social media, as they do, all the time. Some I ignore. But some make me think.┬áSometimes I think, “Can’t we all just get along?” And then sometimes I realize I have Something To Say. Lately, it’s been about voices and platforms and where sex bloggers are most effective or maybe even where they should be. To be fair, I was a blogger long before I ever created a social media account. To me, Facebook was where I talked to my vanilla world about my vanilla life. Eventually I signed up for kinky social media accounts as Kayla...

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8 Tools That Make You More Productive as a Writer and Marketer

Sometimes we just want to write, but more often, we really want people to read what we write – or follow us, visit our website, and connect in some way. At that point, we’re no longer just sex blogger, writer, or podcaster. Now we’re a marketer, too. As long as you’re actively trying to get more people to know you exist and consume your content, you’re in the marketing business. That doesn’t have to be as shady or as stressful as it may sound or feel (depending on your experience with marketing). Yes, it takes work, time, and practice but...