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image of illustrated figures with pronouns on their shirt with the title Do the Pronoun Thing for Everyone by Quinn Rhodes (ze/hir/he/him) 0

You Have to Do the Pronoun Thing for Everyone

Quinn Rhodes (ze/hir/he/him) shares why it’s trans-inclusive to do the “pronoun thing” for more than just trans and non-binary people. Introducing someone or identifying someone’s pronouns when they’re trans or non-binary but not when they’re cis others the people you’re trying to include. To be truly inclusive, we need to do the pronoun thing for EVERYONE.

part two of tips to help make client's content more inclusive 0

How to Make Your Client’s Content More Inclusive, Part Two

In part one, we discussed how to help a client see why being more inclusive in their content is important. Now, let’s focus on what you can do while creating their content. This is your opportunity to let your sex positivity and professionalism shine. The content you create needs to be excellent so it makes an impact on the audience. Changing a few pronouns or descriptions won’t mean much if no one pays any attention to it. While these tips will help you bring inclusivity into a client’s content, you still need good research, interesting titles, and good topics so...

how to help your client be more inclusive with their content 0

How to Make Your Client’s Content More Inclusive, Part One

If you’re creating content for an adult client, it’s important to follow their vision, strategy, and rules for their brand. But as sex positive smutlancers, it’s equally important to be as inclusive as possible. Most of your adult clients want this (the best ones definitely do), but making it happen isn’t always easy. Adult companies have to think about SEO and what people search for online. They likely have a certain demographic they want to reach. These things aren’t as antithetical to inclusivity as the client might think. But it does take effort, patience, and a bit of creativity. In...