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How Often Should You Publish Content On Your Sex Blog 0

How Often Should You Publish Content?

If you’ve been here for any amount of time, you know I tend to harp on blogging (or creating any content) on a consistent basis. Basically, create a schedule that you can live with and do your best to stick with it. Sounds simple, but the next question at least a few people ask is how often should you publish? And is it better to publish consistently or all at once when you create a lot of content? As always, it depends, but yes, I have an opinion on this one. How Many Times Should You Publish Per Week? One...

episode 11 of smutlancer podcast discusses reasons why you should publish anyway 0

Deciding Whether to Hit Publish or Not SL011

Sometimes writing a blog or making a thing is easy. We almost feel a compulsion to do it or we’re “on brand” so of course we’ll put it out there. But what happens when you want to (or do) write or make a thing, but you wonder if you “should” publish it? This week I’m sharing three reasons why you should hit publish most of the time. In this episode: I’m going on a two week hiatus for Eroticon and travel so no new podcast until March 28. The next episode should be (barring problems) the recording of the podcast...