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episode 47 of the smutlancer podcast discusses what to do instead of relying on inspiration 0

What to Do Instead of Waiting for Inspiration

No matter what kind of smutlancer you are, you’re a creative person. Inspiration is a part of creativity, but you shouldn’t rely on it to build your business. Here’s what you can do instead of waiting around for inspiration to strike.

episode 27 of the smutlancer podcast discusses motivation 0

When the Motivation Just Isn’t There SL027

Anyone who tries to tell you that you have to feel motivated to work towards your dreams and goals all the time is probably full of BS. Sometimes motivation is in short-supply. The options are to push forward anyway or to take a break until you’re ready to start again. Both are valid options — the trick is knowing which one to choose. In this episode: This week’s episode is brought to you by QuickBooks Self Employed. Motivation feels good when it’s pushing you forward. It sucks when you lose it. Sometimes you have to find way to keep going....

Writing About Sex is Hard Work 2

Get Ready to Work Hard as a Sex Writer

Can I lay out several cold, hard facts on writing – about sex or some other topic – for you? Sometimes you have to write even when you hate the assignment. We all feel like frauds sometimes. Most of us are envious of other sex writers, wishing we could do what they’re doing. Over time, I’m sure I’ll talk more about these truths, but the biggest of them all is this: Making money at writing is hard work. Writing about sex is hard work. Writing is hard work. And if you’re not prepared to work for what you want, then get...