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Writing About More than Sex to Jumpstart Your Writing Career SL017

If you’re here, I assume you either want to be a smutlancer or consider yourself one already. Creating content about sex is what this site is about, and it’s a personal passion of my own. But I wouldn’t be the freelancer I am without the vanilla content that pays the bills. For anyone else who wants to earn a steady income or ditch the day job, I make the case for looking for vanilla writing work to supplement your sex writing. In this episode: Writing about sex can earn you money Adding “vanilla” topics can help you go full-time You...

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Breaking Up With a Client Doesn’t Have to Be Heartbreaking

I know, I know…some of you are thinking, “Breaking up?! I’m trying to get a client — not get rid of them!” If you’re just starting out in this smutlancing thing, it probably seems impossible that a day will come when you’ll break up with (aka fire) a client. A few years ago, I thought the same thing. Desperate for work, I took anyone who came my way (this sounds a lot like my love life when I was 20…). I never sabotaged my career but even when it was awful, I’d wait for them to end it with me...