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How I Organize My Work Day 0

How I Organize My Work Day | Smutlancer Process

Finding the right process helps me get work done, stay efficient, and not feel like I’m spinning my wheels. It lets me get more done in a day than I otherwise might — without using extra energy or sitting in front of a screen for hours upon hours. With that in mind — and because a few people have asked me to talk about it — let’s dive into my process for organizing my work day.

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How to Be Seen as the Professional You Are or Want to Be

When I say “the professional you want to be” I’m referring to any work that you do in a creative way that earns money and involves sexual content – erotic writing, sex blogging, podcasting, videos, photography, any of it. In every creative field, there are specific things we do or avoid doing so that we’re seen as the professional we are. But some things are universal. Certain activities and behaviors have to be learned, and some may need to be unlearned. There were some things that came naturally to me when I began freelancing, and others I had to learn...