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6 Questions to Ask Adult Companies

Blog, publish enough articles, or promote yourself on social media long enough, and eventually an adult company will reach out to you. Whether it’s a private message or an email, it’ll likely reference “partnership opportunities.” They’re asking a question that doesn’t always feel straight forward. They want to know one thing: Do you work with adult companies ? While it’s important to have an idea of the services you offer – sponsored posts, affiliate partnerships, reviews, etc. – it’s also important to know what questions to ask, too. You can’t make a credible decision to work with an adult company...

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How to Build Relationships with Adult Companies

So you want to make money writing about sex, through your blog, or by selling a ton of erotic fiction, right? ¬†Welcome to the smut club! Most, if not all of us, start writing because we have thoughts we want to express, views to share, or words floating around in our brains we need to get out. When you write online and can get near immediate feedback, it’s not long before you realize you want more. Is this a potential career? Is there money to be made? The answer is: Maybe, if you work for it. You already know you...