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I’m one of those cheerful, optimistic, and determined people that doesn’t talk much about quitting. Mostly because I’ll (usually) do everything in my power to avoid it. But sometimes, the best choice you can make for yourself, your goals, and your sanity is to quit what isn’t working. So let’s talk about that on the podcast this week.

In this episode:

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  • Quitting doesn’t have to mean that you’re a loser or you failed.
  • Not all failures are bad. It means you tried something.
  • There’s a difference between giving up a tactic that’s not working and giving up on the whole idea.
  • I don’t advocate quitting all the time, but sometimes it’s the right option.
    • Quit what’s failing time and time again.
    • Stop doing things you absolutely hate when they’re optional.
    • If you’re only doing something because an “expert” told you do — and it’s not working — stop doing it.
  • Don’t be so quick to quit just because you’re scared of something.
  • Quitting a strategy makes room for other strategies you can try.
  • How long should you try something before giving up? It depends.

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