Why Friendship is Important When You’re a Smutlancer SL006

Over the weekend I read a book called A Secret Sisterhood: The Literary Friendships of Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, George Eliot, and Virginia Woolf. While it was a fascinating look at a forgotten or ignored part of literary history, it also got me thinking about how important friendship is to the smutlancing life.

In this episode:

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  • We need friends as creative people.
  • Friends who are on a similar path and understand what we’re going through.
  • Friends to bounce ideas off of or to get a gut check from.
  • One or two is enough. It doesn’t have to be everyone.
  • Reach out to fellow creatives on social media – Twitter or wherever.
  • Not every interaction will turn you into besties but you might be surprised at who you connect with.
  • Going to events like Eroticon can help cement those friendships.
  • You won’t always agree with your friends, but you should feel free to express yourself.
  • Sometimes your friend will give you the courage to do something brave or will encourage you not to do something stupid.

Links from the show:

A Secret Sisterhood by Emily Midorikawa and Emma Claire Sweeney (affiliate link)

Eroticon 2018

Blubrry.com – use code KaylaLords to get one month free! (affiliate offer)

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