From Bustle: “Our writers, like our readers, are from diverse backgrounds with an endless range of interests. What we all have in common with each other is that we are insatiably curious about the world. You care about what’s working and what isn’t, about fashion, politics, technology, celebrities, health, beauty, […]


From Fetish.com: “Fetish is about being who you are and surrounding yourself with safe, fun and trustworthy fetishists to enjoy the pleasures of kink. It’s about discovery and finding what makes you happy, sexually or otherwise.” URL: www.fetish.com Payment: Yes. Rates unpublished. Submission Information: Fuck.com accepts pitches from writers and […]


From Fuck.com: “Our mission at Fuck.com is to open things up about sex; fucking isn’t a taboo and it sure as fuck shouldn’t be a double standard between men, women or anything in-between. Fucking is great, and the best lubricant is open and honest communication.” URL: www.fuck.com Payment: Yes. Rates unpublished. […]


“Our mission is to start real conversations about sex, answer readers’ questions, and help them discover new and exciting things about sex, love and their bodies.” URL: www.kinkly.com Payment: Yes. Rates unpublished. Submission Information: “What we’re looking for is new ideas, topics and perspectives about sex and sexuality. You don’t […]