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How to Create a Smutlancer Portfolio 3

How to Create a Smutlancer Portfolio

A portfolio that shows off the work you do, your skills, your talents, and connections you’ve made can help you get hired and make money as a smutlancer. It’s no guarantee of success, but it helps you as a professional.

Making Patreon Work for You 2

Making Patreon Work for You

Patreon is a popular option for creators to increase their income for the content they make. Even with the TOS changes, sex bloggers, creators, and educators still use it. But as with everything else, it’s not easy to do, and there are things to consider before you begin.

figuring out if you're on the right track with your smutlancing goals 0

How to Tell If You’re on the Right Track

A big thanks to Amy of Coffee and Kink for inspiring this particular post. We had a good Twitter conversation (as we often do) that got me thinking. Knowing if you’re on the right...

what good self-promotion looks like 0

How Good Self-Promotion Works

Earlier this week, I talked about why your self-promotion tactics might not be working, and there are a lot of ways to promote yourself so that you get attention. But how should it work,...